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Reopening Northeastern

Campus Access Protocols


The Northeastern facilities team sanitize and clean the West Village dorms to provide rooms for first responders during the COVID-19 pandemic on March 9, 2020. Photo by Ruby Wallau/Northeastern University

As part of a phased approach to faculty and staff re-entry, all entry to campus facilities by Northeastern personnel will be overseen and monitored by NUPD.

We expect that these workplace safety protocols will evolve over time and that you may be required to adhere to updated or additional protocols developed to promote the safety and wellness of our campus community.

Only those who have received approval from their senior vice president will be granted re-entry to their workplaces and laboratories.

Compliance with the following mandatory entry and exit protocols will be required on a daily basis.

Entry/Exit Protocols

  1. Sign-in to Northeastern’s Safe Zone app, check-in upon arrival to campus property, and call x2121 for building access;
  2. Wear your NUID on a lanyard and display it at all times while on campus;
  3. You must wear a mask or cloth face coveringat all times inside campus buildings and in outdoor spaces on campus, and adhere to workplace safety protocols and procedures applicable to symptoms/exposure to COVID-19;
  4. Do not allow or facilitate building access for any non-NU affiliate and refer any such persons seeking access to NUPD; and
  5. Check out of Safe Zone upon leaving campus.

Building occupants are expected to follow signage regarding workplace safety protocols and traffic flow throughout buildings and common areas.

Keep an eye out for these signs on campus

As we return to campus, new signage will be in place to help encourage behaviors related to healthy distancing.

Northeastern has diligently explored the use of signage in an attempt to educate the community in the safest way to enter & exit buildings, circulate through stairs and corridors, and maintain healthy distancing as best as possible.

Signage in public campus spaces has already been widely implemented. This signage toolkit is also available for use within office suites and departments on campus, as are custom signs where necessary.


Visitors/guests: Until further notice, visitors will be restricted to those approved by the appropriate senior vice president. All authorized visitors must adhere to the university’s guidelines outlined here including, but not limited to, self-monitoring, hygiene, mask wearing, and social distancing guidelines.



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