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Reopening Northeastern

Campus Access Protocols


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The Northeastern facilities team sanitize and clean the West Village dorms to provide rooms for first responders during the COVID-19 pandemic on March 9, 2020. Photo by Ruby Wallau/Northeastern University

Extensive work has gone into transforming the way we teach, study, work, and live on campus to adhere to public health guidelines and maintain a safe and clean environment. 

It is critical that every student, faculty and staff member does their part by looking out for their own health and the health of others around them. We all need to adhere to the university’s guidelines to protect our community within and beyond our campuses. 


Daily Expectations

  1. Perform a daily self-assessment using the Daily Wellness Check 
  2. Wear your Northeastern University Identification card and have it visible at all times. Lanyards for your ID card are available on the Boston campus outside of the Cabot Physical  Education Center testing site and at 716 Columbus Place from the Northeastern University Police Department. Lanyards can also be delivered by request to departments.   
  3. Wear a face mask or face covering 
  4. Practice healthy distancing 
  5. Practice good hygiene, including frequent hand washing  
  6. Agree to temperature checks as requested 
  7. Appear as scheduled and participate in COVID-19 testingas requested 
  8. Participate in contact tracing 
  9. Comply with public health guidance and university protocols and policies  

Resources for visitors

All essential and non-essential visitors must be registered by the host department using the new Visitor Registration Form.  

Visitors who are not deemed essential per the definition outlined in the existing Visitor Protocol, will be considered on a case-by-case basis and must be approved by the department’s senior vice president, or their designee. To request approval of a non-essential visitor, please complete the Visitor Registration Form and provide information regarding the reason for the non-essential visit, including why it needs to be an in-person visit instead of a virtual meeting.   


After approval, please use the following resources when inviting a visitor to campus:

Visitor Protocol

To promote the health, safety and well-being of Northeastern University community members during the COVID-19 pandemic, Northeastern is currently restricting visits to its campuses from outside the university community.  Visitors to Northeastern’s campuses are expected to comply with this protocol, which may be modified and updated from time to time in accordance with evolving federal, state and local guidance.  

For purposes of this protocol, a visitor is any individual who does not have a current and active university identification card.

 At this time, all visitors to Northeastern, in advance of their visit, must be determined to be essential to the university’s mission in order to be approved to visit campuses.  Approval for any visitors to the university not deemed essential, as specified below, is at the discretion of the appropriate senior vice president.

At this time, visitors who have been determined essential are:

  • Visiting students enrolled in Northeastern courses;
  • Prospective/admitted students and their immediate family members on visits/tours;
  • Visiting faculty who are either paid employees or have been previously approved through the Exchange Visitor Program;
  • Visiting scholars, researchers and individuals involved in on-going research projects and have been approved to be on campus as part of the research resumption process;
  • Designated vendors and service operators;
  • University Trustees;
  • Immediate family members of enrolled students under limited circumstances, such as dropping off a student for move in or picking up a student at the end of a term.

Requests to visit the university that do not fall into the deemed essential visitors noted above must be made to the area, department or college the requesters are seeking to visit (Northeastern host) for information regarding the visit approval process and any additional requirements concerning a visit at least 48 hours in advance of a requested visit. The Northeastern host will be responsible for directing visitors to the university health and safety protocols with which they must comply during their visit.

Visit requests that do not fall within the categories of deemed essential visitors listed above will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Those seeking to visit the university are strongly encouraged to utilize the university’s virtual services and resources in lieu of visiting campus, whenever possible. If a visit is approved, the university may specify the duration of the visit and the number of guests, if any, allowed. Visitors are not permitted in the residence halls.  At this time, visitors who do not fall into the essential visitor categories are not permitted to access the university’s bookstore, cafes, cafeterias, or indoors dining facilities and/or concessions.   

All approved visitors to Northeastern’s campuses are required to comply with the university’s published health and safety protocols, including the protocols on face coverings, healthy distancing, personal hygiene, cleaning and sanitizing, and entry/exit.  Approved visitors are required to comply with all applicable state and local guidelines, including those related to travelers arriving to campus locations, such as quarantine requirements.

Visiting students, faculty members, and scholars are also required to undergo regular testing, in accordance with the university’s testing program.

Approved visitors must complete a COVID-19 Symptoms Pre-Screen Check to monitor their health before coming to campus. Approved visitors are required to check-in with the Northeastern host when they arrive on campus. Visitors will be required to confirm their name, contact information, location and reason for their visit. Authorized visitors who will be present on campus more than once will be issued a visitor’s pass that must always be displayed while on campus specifying the dates of the visit.

Visitors must remain away from campus if they feel sick, have tested positive or are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, or believe they have been exposed to COVID-19.

Visitors who fail to comply with university COVID-19 health and safety protocols will be asked to leave the university property or activity they are attending.

Further information regarding reopening and contacts and resources for visitors can be found on the Reopening Northeastern website. 


Event Policy

Events will follow Massachusetts state guidelines for gatherings. Indoor gatherings should not exceed 25 people in a single enclosed, indoor space. Our global network locations in North America will follow these guidelines as well, unless their local or state guidelines are more restrictive.

Any event participant must follow the state or province entry guidelines, if they are traveling to the location, and all university and state guidelines. In Massachusetts, travel guidelines state that anyone from a non-exempt state must have proof of a negative COVID-19 test within the last 72 hours or must quarantine for 14 days.

Event Categories

Class A: Virtual Events

  • For Class A events, in-person elements do not impact program outcomes and so these events should be held virtually.
  • This category includes meeting, conferences, group study, open houses, presentations and workshops, fundraisers, and orientations.

Class B: In-Person Considered

  • In Class B events, in-person elements may impact program outcomes. These events are subject to approval by the university.
  • Event organizers will be required to submit an event plan for in-person or hybrid events, explain why the event outcomes depend on in-person attendance, and communicate the program and audience.
  • A cross-campus team—comprised of representatives from Information Technology Services, Human Resources, Campus Planning, Facilities, Student Affairs, Advancement, and Public Safety—will review the plan.
  • The cross-campus team will evaluate whether government guidelines can be met, if food is proposed, whether it is required and how eating will meet health and safety guidelines and whether the space can maintain healthy distancing for event participants.

Class C: In-Person Required

  • In Class C events, in-person elements substantially impact the program outcomes.
  • Examples would be blood drives by appointment or flu vaccines
  • Note: Classes and COVID-19 testing are restricted by healthy distancing but not by number of participants.

Requesting Approval for a Class B event

All in-person event requests will be reviewed by the events committee and must contain a compelling statement of why the event must be held in person and cannot be done virtually. Please include the event program and the target audience.

To request approval of an in-person gathering of up to 25 people at a regional campus, please email to submit a request.

To request the use of space in the following areas, please email to submit a request: 

  • Matthews Arena
  • Cabot Center (including Cabot Cage and Solomon Court)
  • Parsons Field
  • Dedham Field
  • Henderson Boathouse
  • Egan Center (Raytheon Amphitheater and conference room 440)
  • Outdoor Spaces/Quads (Centennial, Krentzman, Cabot, West Village)

If you have any additional questions, please contact the Facilities Central Events Team at

To request approval of an in-person gathering of up to 25 people for the following spaces managed by the Center for Student Involvement, please email to submit a request: 

  • Curry Student Center
  • Blackman Auditorium
  • Fenway Center
  • Tented areas (West Village Volleyball Court, Speare and Robinson)
  • Outdoor Spaces/Quads (Centennial, Krentzman, Cabot, West Village)

Requests received through the second Call for Programs will automatically be forwarded to the events committee for final approval.

Please visit the CSI Scheduling Office’s scheduling page for the most up-to-date information, or for further questions please email




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