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Reopening Northeastern

Who can return to campus initially?


Essential onsite personnel who have continued to work on campus should continue to do so.

In the coming weeks, we will start bringing back employees across all campuses in small numbers that do not exceed a 25 percent capacity in any buildings, labs, and workplaces. This first group includes faculty, staff, and students working in critical research labs, and administrative staff working in roles that are difficult to perform effectively in an off-campus environment. Again, these employees will be determined by senior leadership.

Spring scenes on the Boston Campus on May 13, 2020. Photo by Ruby Wallau/Northeastern University

Non-research-active faculty, staff, and students who have been contacted by their supervisors about returning to campus in this initial phase (and are able and choose to return) must comply with the following policies, protocols and guidelines:

For research-active faculty, staff, students: In addition to following the above mentioned protocols and guidelines, you must also follow the Return to Research Labs Protocols for information on returning to laboratories, field research, and human subjects research.

Supervisors may consider the following staffing options for their individual areas to maintain a low density:

  • Staggered arrival/departure
  • Alternating between onsite and remote work days for employees in the same labs and offices
  • Moving people to different offices and workstations to enable social distancing

Employees who have not been contacted for return to campus, but would like to return to their offices and labs, may only do so with permission from the respective senior vice president overseeing their department. At no point, should department leaders increase staffing beyond critical onsite job functions without approval from their respective senior vice presidents.

The university understands that there may still be challenges for people, such as lack of access to childcare, risks associated with underlying health conditions, and concerns related to public transportation. For a period of time, employees who have been identified as having critical onsite job functions, but who wish to continue working remotely, will have their requests evaluated by their respective senior vice presidents.



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