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Reopening Northeastern

Research continuity: Re-entry of research-active faculty, staff, and students


As we begin to bring back faculty, staff and students who are working on critical research projects across Northeastern’s research enterprise, all research continuity decisions will be made consistent with local, state and national public

Doctoral students Devyesh Rana and John Biswakarma spray fluorescent nanoparticles (virus simulant) through fabrics onto glass slides to measure the concentration in Steve Lustig’s lab inside the Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Complex on April 22, 2020. Photo by Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University

health authority directives and guidance in force at the location of the research activity.

Among the critical projects across the university’s research labs, research efforts to combat and respond to the COVID–19 pandemic remain a top priority.

Before resuming research, individuals will be properly trained, have access to personal protective equipment, and understand whom to contact with technical or safety questions.

For students, individual decisions to return to campus, laboratories, and approved human subjects research will be voluntary and we will operate on the principle that people opt-in. For employees, individual decisions should be discussed with managers.

Research-active faculty, staff, and students: Please visit Return to Research Labs Protocols Read the information carefully, and follow the instructions

The following behavioral and space considerations should be observed when in a lab

1. Provide Healthy Distancing

When possible, sit further away from colleagues to ensure 6’ healthy distancing.

2. Stagger Workforce

Provide staggered schedules for researchers to ensure 6’ healthy distancing can be met.

3. Space Between Furniture

Where possible, space out desks and chairs to ensure 6’ healthy distancing.

4. Disinfect & Sanitize

Limit contact with lab equipment, and disinfect high-touch equipment, sinks, and surfaces before and after use.

5. Follow Posted Signs

Follow wall and floor signage to encourage healthy distancing.

6. Safely Reoccupy

Work with your Associate Dean of Research, Department Safety Officer, and the Office of Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) on following the steps to reoccupy your lab space.



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