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Reopening Northeastern

Policy on Locations for Healthy and Safe Eating and Drinking on Campus


Because people will need to remove their masks when they eat or drink, it is important to limit eating and drinking to certain designated areas on campus. Healthy, six-foot distancing is especially important in areas where eating and drinking is taking place. 

The below policy: 

  • Applies for the duration of the fall term and will be reevaluated close to the end of the term to determine whether it needs to be modified or continue
  • Applies to all facilities on all of Northeastern’s campuses whether the facility is managed by Northeastern or a third party.
  • Applies to all students, faculty, staff, and vendors
  • Applies to consumption of any food and drink, whether purchased on-campus, purchased elsewhere, or brought from home
Members of the Northeastern facilities team sanitize and clean the International Village Dining facility. Photo by Ruby Wallau/Northeastern University

 General Guidelines 

  • Masks should only be taken off when seated in order to eat or drink. Masks must be worn when traveling indoors or outdoors (for instance while carrying food or beverages to a table) 
  • Six foot healthy distancing should be maintained between individuals at all times when eating or drinking
  • Avoid eating anywhere within the path of travel indoors and outdoors (lobbies, corridors, outdoor paths, etc.)
  • Drinking water or other beverages may be allowable in cases where food is prohibited—for instance, walking while drinking a coffee if healthy distancing can be maintained 
  • Hand sanitization and cleaning of surfaces is recommended before and after eating
  • Drinking through a straw is OK as long as you don’t remove your mask

Areas Where Eating/Drinking is Not Permitted  

Eating and drinking is not allowed in teaching and learning spaces, where removing masks for the purposes of eating and drinking may pose a health risk. These locations include: 

  • Cabot Testing Center and Huntington Testing Center  on the Boston campus 
  • Snell Library on the Boston campus 
  • Classrooms
  • Teaching labs or studios
  • Hallways

Signage reminders may be posted in areas where eating and drinking is not allowed.   

Areas Where Eating/Drinking is Permitted

The following list includes locations that are specifically designated for eating and drinking, as well as spaces where removing masks for the purposes of eating or drinking would pose no additional health risk. It is recommended that the Northeastern community takes advantage of these spaces to consume food and beverages: 

  • Outdoors
  • Dining tents
  • Northeastern dining facilities (i.e. dining halls). Note: to accommodate students on meal plans, certain dining areas will be restricted to students only.
  • Non-Northeastern dining facilities (restaurants, coffee shops)
  • Department kitchens or break rooms
  • Individual enclosed offices and individual work stations in shared offices, as long as six feet distancing is maintained
  • Residential rooms
  • Lobbies with dining vendor
  • Designated indoor event and meeting spaces and public spaces including student or faculty lounges, and conference rooms, only if designated and signed accordingly by Campus Planning and Real Estate and Facilities. 

Interactive Map

Click the image above to visit our interactive map. It will be updated frequently with new updates as they become available.

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