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Reopening Northeastern

Move-In FAQs and Student Housing


*This page was archived after the Fall 2020 semester*


In the interest of protecting the health of our campus community during move-in, we recommend that you minimize contact with others for 14 days before you travel and that you get a test 72 hours or less prior to your arrival on campus, if you are able. Do not travel to campus if you test positive or if you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19. 

Testing on campus will be a major part of the move-in process. Please be sure to read the frequently asked questions below before arriving on campus.

Matt Lapinig, who studies biology, moves in for the Summer 2 semester on the Boston campus. Photo by Ruby Wallau/Northeastern University

We want to welcome you to the Boston campus for the fall 2020 semester. Northeastern University has been working diligently over the past couple of months to prepare our campuses, including our classrooms and residence halls, for the arrival of our students. Every aspect of our planning has been done with the health and well being of our community in mind, including testing every member of our community for COVID-19 and re-configuring indoor and outdoor spaces on campus to reduce density and maintain healthy distancing.

Our move-in and housing processes have been redesigned with these priorities in mind and we are eager to share the details with you.

One of our goals for the move-in process is to keep vehicles off of the street as much as possible. It is important that you follow the steps provided for your specific building in order to keep things running smoothly for yourself and others!

If you are moving to campus

If you are not living with us during the Summer II semester, each building community is assigned a specific range of move in dates and times and each student is assigned a date and time within that period based on their assignment.

For specific move-in information for your buildings, please visit the Housing and Residential Life move-in page.

If you are on-campus for Summer II

If you are moving off campus:

Failure to check out by the pre-established deadline may result in lost/discarded property, fines and/or a student conduct violation.

You must complete the following prior to being checked out of your bedspace by a member of the Housing & Residential Life staff:

  • Remove all belongings
  • Throw away all trash/food
  • Clean your bedspace

Once everything has been removed from their room, the student must check out of their space with a member of Housing & Residential Life on the date previously coordinated with their Residence Director. A Resident Assistant will then check the condition of their bedroom and apartment (if applicable) noting any damage. In keyed buildings, the RA will take the students keys and lock the bedroom.

Please note: There is no consolidation housing offered between the end of Summer II 2020, August 18th through September 1st. If you are moving off campus at the end of Summer II, you must make the appropriate arrangements and secure your own space off campus by the final date of Summer housing on August 18th. If you have a lease that begins August 1st, please contact about prorating your Summer II housing. There are no exceptions as our Fall 2020 move-in cycle begins promptly after Summer II.

If you are moving to a new assignment for Fall 2020:

You will be assigned a move-to/from date in August.Students remaining in university housing in Boston from one semester to the next have a continuous contract. Continuing contract students may remain on campus between semesters. Current and future building staff will reach out to students who need to move between semesters via their Husky email regarding the move-to-from process. More information can be found HERE.

****Any student with a continuous contract will NOT follow Summer II move out dates if they are scheduled to move to a new room. Students that fall into this category should NOT make travel plans to leave campus until they confirm their move-in date with their future building staff. This information is not available until the end of each term.

If you have the same assignment for Summer II and Fall 2020:

You can stay in your space through the intersession period.

Parking & Driving Directions

Move-in days have date-specific parking hang tags that you will receive over the summer. A pdf version is available here prior to move in.

Please note: There is no parking available for oversized vehicles. Renaissance Garage and Columbus Garage both have clearance of 6’8″.

Directions to Campus:

To facilitate the flow of traffic for Move-In Days we have developed these motor vehicle directions to the University unloading / parking facilities. Depending on your assigned residence hall and where you are directed to park, you will either unload your motor vehicle at the parking location, or be asked to relocate the vehicle to a parking location after the vehicle has been unloaded. In the event that you are asked to relocate your vehicle to a University parking facility, you will be provided with the directions to that facility upon your arrival. Please follow these directions when approaching the University.

Click on the following for printable directions

Arriving by ride share like Uber or Lyft

If you are arriving with numerous pieces of luggage, bags, or packages please plan to be dropped off near your designated unloading location where moving resources will be available.

If you are arriving with only a couple pieces of luggage, bags, or packages and do not intend to utilize moving resources, please you may plan to be dropped off near your designated check-in location.

Arrival Date Change

As you review your travel plans in the upcoming weeks, it is imperative that you arrive during your scheduled move-in date and time, as it will also correspond to your arrival COVID-19 testing appointment. If you cannot arrive during that date and time, you must select an alternate arrival date and time from a dynamic list of available time slots for your building. Arrival dates and times are limited per date, time, building, and unload location. Beginning Friday, August 7, you can access the Move-in Arrival Change process in Housing Online.

Law Student Move-In

Law Student Move-in Information will be available in their assignment letters.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to schedule my first test in the COVID-19 Test Scheduler during move-in, or is it automatically scheduled for me?

You will need to schedule all of your tests yourself, including your arrival test. Testing dates become available to schedule appointments seven days in advance in the COVID-19 Test Scheduler . For example, students who are moving in on Saturday, August 29 should access the scheduler on Saturday, August 22, and so on. If your move-in date is not yet available in the COVID-19 Test Scheduler, please visit the Scheduler seven days before your move-in date to schedule your test as soon as possible. After your initial test on arrival, the COVID-19 Test Scheduler will begin providing email notifications for when your next test should be. This will remind you to schedule them yourself and you can choose a time that works best for you.

When I’m scheduling my test, how much time should I allow for testing before my move-in time?

We recommend that you select a time that is no more than 30 minutes prior to your move-in time and no later than 15 minutes before the end of your move-in time. For example, if your move-in time is 3:30pm-4:30pm, you should sign up for a testing time of 3:00pm, 3:15pm, 3:30pm, 3:45pm, 4:00pm, or 4:15pm.

Am I able to schedule a test for the day before?

For students who already live close to our Boston campus—including students who are already living off-campus or living within commuting distance —we recommend that you begin your testing as early as possible. You may schedule your first test the week of August 24, followed by tests on days three and five after your initial test. For students who have plans to arrive prior to their move-in date, either on- or off-campus, you are similarly encouraged to start your testing cadence on your earliest arrival date in Boston. For example, if you are planning to stay overnight in a hotel prior to your move-in date, we strongly encourage you to use that time to get your initial test, to start the one-, three-, five-day testing protocol.

What do I need to do before I arrive for my test?

  1. Complete the Expectations for Return to Campus Attestation form.
  2. Complete the COVID-19 testing consent form.
  3. Complete your Daily Wellness Check before you leave for campus and bring a mobile device to show your results.
  4. Make sure you have your Husky Card. Those of you with a U.S. based-address will be receiving your Husky Card in the mail. If you don’t have your Husky Card in hand, you will need to go pick it up at Curry Student Center West Addition. (Follow the signs for directions!) Remember, you’ll need to wear your Husky Card visibly on a lanyard when you’re on campus. You can bring your own lanyard or pick one up outside of the Cabot Physical Education Center testing site.
  5. Make sure you have your nine-digit Northeastern University ID number. This is available on the Student Hub at and also on your Daily Wellness Check results page.
  6. As always, stay safe! Wear a face mask or face covering, and stay six feet away from others.

What is the testing process on move-in day?


You will arrive at the collection site, show confirmation of your appointment time, and show the results of your Daily Wellness Check. You will receive a temperature check before going into the building. Inside the building, you will confirm your identity and contact information and receive a testing kit with a personal barcoded label, a swab, and a sterile tube. Your identity and contact information may need to be manually entered if it is not already pre-loaded into the check-in system.

Then you will be ushered to a swabbing station.  The test is an anterior nasal swab—a less invasive and less uncomfortable but still highly reliable and accurate way of collecting samples. You will place your barcoded label on your tube and then be instructed to self-swab while under direct observation from a qualified health professional. You will insert the swab a half-inch inside the nostril and rotate the swab for approximately 15 seconds. After repeating the swab in both nostrils, you will seal the swab in your sterile tube, place it in a collection box and follow the signage to exit. The test is quick, painless, and should take no more than ten minutes.

You will tap your Husky Card on a card reader to the left of the exit doors. That will tell our Housing staff that you’ve finished your first test and you’re cleared to move into your residence hall. Don’t forget this step, especially if you get your test early!

Will parents be able to go with students to the testing site?

Students will need to go solo so we can keep the density low and keep lines moving fast. We recommend that parents park in Columbus Garage and wait for students to finish the test. Then students can return to the garage and drive to the designated unloading site.

If a student is traveling alone with suitcases and can’t leave their belongings in a parked car, what should they do?

You will receive emailed instructions, or you may look at your building-specific move in page on the Housing Fall Move-In Page. In some cases, you will need to take your things with you to the testing center—another reason we encourage packing light.

When can students expect to receive housing assignments and move-in dates and times?

Housing assignments and move-in dates and times were communicated by email during the week of August 3 to returning and traditional first-year students. Boston students will receive the same information the week of August 10.

Can a student request to change their move-in date and time?

As you review your travel plans in the upcoming weeks, it is imperative that you arrive during your scheduled move-in date and time, as it will also correspond to your arrival COVID-19 testing appointment. If you cannot arrive during that date and time, you must select an alternate arrival date and time from a dynamic list of available time slots for your building. Arrival dates and times are limited per date, time, building, and unload location. Beginning on Friday, August 7, assigned students can access the Move-in Time Slot Change process in Housing Online. To access Housing Online, log onto your myNortheastern portal, then select Services & Links and click on Housing Online.

What if I am arriving outside of move-in and testing hours?

Students must arrive during the official move-in and testing hours in order to move into university housing. Students who arrive outside of these hours must secure their own accommodations until the next move-in day, and they should indicate this by selecting a move-in time for that following day through Housing Online.

When will students know move-in logistics—where to unload, where to report for check-in on arrival, and the testing logistics?

Students can expect to receive this information by email from the Housing team in mid-August.

How many personal belongings should students bring?

To make the move-in experience as smooth as possible for you and our entire community, we ask that you bring only your essentials and a few personal touches to campus. Your belongings should fit in one 4’x3’x3’ hamper or be able to be carried in one trip.

Can I ship items to pre-arrive?

Shipping items to pre-arrive to your room is available through a preferred vendor for returning and traditional first-year students, and the deadlines are in mid-August. Additional information about shipping items to campus mailrooms will be sent in mid-August; however, you should anticipate delays in processing and wait times for pick-up. Due to the university’s quarantine guidelines, you will not be permitted to pick up any packages from the mailroom until after you receive your first negative test result. The combination of processing delays and quarantine restrictions mean that you should not ship any essential items such as bedding, medicine, or toiletries that you will need during your first several days in housing.

What if a student living in university housing tests positive?

If a student living in university housing tests positive, they will be moved immediately into Northeastern’s designated wellness rooms for care. A Northeastern case manager will be in touch throughout the isolation period.

Will family members be able to help their students move into student housing?

As an added health and safety measure, only students will be allowed in the residence halls. For families traveling from both exempt and non-exempt states, family members will be asked to drop off their student at a designated unloading station and then depart. Our staff will help your student move into their residence hall and will be close at hand throughout the move-in process to help your student make a smooth transition to campus.

Will Northeastern provide move-in help, since parents and families will not be able to help students move in?

Staff will be stationed across campus to direct students where they need to go and answer questions. Northeastern also contracts with multiple vendors to assist with move-in. Depending on the residence you are moving into, vendors will help to empty your car, roll your hamper to your room, push your hamper up ramps, or bring your belongings into your room. You can expect to receive more information about the move-in help for your residence hall in mid-August.

What are the quarantine guidelines for students living in university housing?

After receiving their first test at Northeastern’s testing center, these students will move into university housing and go immediately into quarantine. They are permitted to leave to pick up grab-and-go meals from university dining, get testing or medical care, or use shared hall bathrooms or showers, but must otherwise stay in their room until they receive their first negative test result. Students who use a shared bathroom must limit time in these shared spaces to functional use only and wear a mask as appropriate. Once they receive their first negative test result, their quarantine is lifted. They can be out on campus with masks but are still restricted from fully resuming campus activities. Every student will be tested on days one (arrival), three, and five. Students will need to have three negative tests before attending class and fully resuming campus activities. Some students may have to begin their classes remotely.

When and where can students except to get more details on the move-in process?

The Housing team will share detailed information by email and on its Fall 2020 move-in page in the coming weeks. Please check your Husky email often for updates.


Visitor Protocol

To promote the health, safety and well-being of Northeastern University community members during the COVID-19 pandemic, Northeastern is currently restricting visits to its campuses from outside the university community.  Visitors to Northeastern’s campuses are expected to comply with this protocol, which may be modified and updated from time to time in accordance with evolving federal, state and local guidance.  

For purposes of this protocol, a visitor is any individual who does not have a current and active university identification card.

 At this time, all visitors to Northeastern, in advance of their visit, must be determined to be essential to the university’s mission in order to be approved to visit campuses.  Approval for any visitors to the university not deemed essential, as specified below, is at the discretion of the appropriate senior vice president.

At this time, visitors who have been determined essential are:

  • Visiting students enrolled in Northeastern courses;
  • Prospective/admitted students and their immediate family members on visits/tours;
  • Visiting faculty who are either paid employees or have been previously approved through the Exchange Visitor Program;
  • Visiting scholars, researchers and individuals involved in on-going research projects and have been approved to be on campus as part of the research resumption process;
  • Designated vendors and service operators;
  • University Trustees;
  • Immediate family members of enrolled students under limited circumstances, such as dropping off a student for move in or picking up a student at the end of a term.

Requests to visit the university that do not fall into the deemed essential visitors noted above must be made to the area, department or college the requesters are seeking to visit (Northeastern host) for information regarding the visit approval process and any additional requirements concerning a visit at least 48 hours in advance of a requested visit. The Northeastern host will be responsible for directing visitors to the university health and safety protocols with which they must comply during their visit.

Visit requests that do not fall within the categories of deemed essential visitors listed above will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Those seeking to visit the university are strongly encouraged to utilize the university’s virtual services and resources in lieu of visiting campus, whenever possible. If a visit is approved, the university may specify the duration of the visit and the number of guests, if any, allowed. Visitors are not permitted in the residence halls.  At this time, visitors who do not fall into the essential visitor categories are not permitted to access the university’s bookstore, cafes, cafeterias, or indoors dining facilities and/or concessions.   

All approved visitors to Northeastern’s campuses are required to comply with the university’s published health and safety protocols, including the protocols on face coverings, healthy distancing, personal hygiene, cleaning and sanitizing, and entry/exit.  Approved visitors are required to comply with all applicable state and local guidelines, including those related to travelers arriving to campus locations, such as quarantine requirements.

Visiting students, faculty members, and scholars are also required to undergo regular testing, in accordance with the university’s testing program.

Approved visitors must complete a COVID-19 Symptoms Pre-Screen Check to monitor their health before coming to campus. Approved visitors are required to check-in with the Northeastern host when they arrive on campus. Visitors will be required to confirm their name, contact information, location and reason for their visit. Authorized visitors who will be present on campus more than once will be issued a visitor’s pass that must always be displayed while on campus specifying the dates of the visit.

Visitors must remain away from campus if they feel sick, have tested positive or are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, or believe they have been exposed to COVID-19.

Visitors who fail to comply with university COVID-19 health and safety protocols will be asked to leave the university property or activity they are attending.

Further information regarding reopening and contacts and resources for visitors can be found on the Reopening Northeastern website. 




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