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Reopening Northeastern

Keeping Northeastern Clean and Safe


Northeastern Facilities staff members have been hard at work: scrubbing tabletops, disinfecting bathrooms, and cleaning elevator buttons across Northeastern’s Boston campus.

They operate around the clock to maintain a safe environment for students, faculty, and staff at each stage of phased reopening across Northeastern’s global network of campuses.

Occupant Responsibilities

  1. Employees on site should implement individual cleaning responsibilities and sanitize public-used surfaces they come into contact with before and after use (appliances, tables, chair arms, countertops, etc.)
  2. Shared work surfaces should be sanitized at the beginning and end of every shift/workday.
  3. Cleaning supplies should be procured by individual departments as needed.

Recommended products are:
– Virex 256 spray and wipes
– Oxivir spray and wipes
– Alpha HP disinfectant
– Purell wipes

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