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Reopening Northeastern

Monitoring Your Health


All returning individuals are expected to comply with the state- and country-specific public health and safety guidelines, protocols and policies in order to promote a work environment that is safe and allows faculty and staff to be productive and efficient in carrying out the research and teaching mission of the university.

Symptom Monitoring and Reporting Guidelines

Staff and faculty who have been asked to return to their administrative offices and labs are required to carefully monitor their health on a daily basis. Even the slightest symptom that may be related to COVID-19 should be cause for staying home until the employee is cleared to return to campus.

Please use the Daily COVID-19 Symptoms Pre-Screen Tool for daily health monitoring.

Symptoms that may be related to COVID-19:

If you are sick or test positive for COVID-19

If you test positive or believe you have been exposed to COVID-19… Follow the guidance of your healthcare provider and your local public health department regarding treatment and isolation. Please refer to CDC guidance about caring for yourself or someone who is sick.
If you exhibit any of the symptoms listed above or feel sick… Contact your manager and indicate that you will be out sick. No employee will be asked to perform any work functions while recovering from COVID-19.

The university will treat all information related to symptoms, exposure and/or test results confidentially, consistent with local, state and federal requirements.

If you need to be out of work due to an illness for more than 5 consecutive days, need information about the university’s paid leave benefits for eligible employees, or have leave of absence questions… Contact the HR Business Partner in your college or department or reach out to Human Resources Management.

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