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Coming to the Boston Campus—What You Need to Know (Faculty and Staff)


This quick guide shares everything faculty and staff need to know before they come to Boston campus, whether it’s for the first time or returning after time away.

Before your first time on the Boston campus:

Arrival on the Boston campus: 

  • We urge you to practice safe and healthy measures during any time away from campus: minimize contact with others and get a COVID-19 test 72 hours or less before you travel.
  • Staff and faculty should schedule a test for the day they return to campus. The test can take place at any time during their first day on campus. Faculty members will need to receive a negative test result in the seven-day period prior to their return to the classroom—a test they can obtain on the Boston campus or elsewhere.

Testing requirements for Boston faculty and staff:

  • Boston faculty and staff who are regularly on campus should use the COVID-19 Test Scheduler to set themselves to “Primarily In-Person.” This brief video guide explains how to set or switch your status.
  • Boston faculty and staff who are regularly on campus should be tested every four days. You have the flexibility to schedule a test two days before or one day after the required four days.
  • Faculty and staff who are occasionally on campus should set themselves to “Primarily Remote” and schedule a test for any day they come to campus.
  • Please visit the Testing Schedule requirements for additional details on testing.
  • If you’re testing for the first time, visit our quick guide to first-time testing.

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