The deadline is approaching for the Huntington 100. Get your nominations in.

Photo by Adam Glanzman/Northeastern University

There is still time to nominate students to become members of Northeastern’s acclaimed Huntington 100, which celebrates students’ achievements in research, co-op, athletics, entrepreneurship, community service, and leadership in campus involvement. The deadline for applications is 11:59 p.m. on Monday, March 9.

All students are eligible, graduate or undergraduate, from any of Northeastern’s campuses. 

“It’s what I think of as the most inclusive recognition program we have on campus because it’s open to everybody,” says Emily Hardman, director of student programming and communications for student affairs and one of the organizers of the Huntington 100. “I love uncovering some of these student stories because they are often students who are under the radar who we otherwise wouldn’t know about.”

Anyone at Northeastern—faculty, staff, advisors, coaches, employers, and even fellow students—can submit a nomination. Nominators must provide information on a students’ campus involvement, leadership roles, global experiences, and notable achievements, as well as a recommendation letter. 

The awarded students are chosen by a panel of judges composed of representatives from each college, the Division of Student Affairs, the University Honors Program, the provost’s office, and the Office of Alumni Relations. The panel will make final decisions in March, and this year’s class will be announced in April. 

More than 700 students were nominated last year, Hardman says, a number that rises every year. 

“If you think that a student’s story should be told, you should nominate that student,” she says. “There have been times where the selection committee will hold up a letter and say, ‘it’s not the typical nominee but look at this’ and that’s how we uncover a lot of great stories.”

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