Five tips to thrive in your first year of college


Freshman year is often considered to be the most difficult year of college. Cassidy DeStefano, who is a resident assistant, shares some tips to help first-year students acclimate to life on campus.

Don’t forget your Husky Card: “Your Husky Card is your key to almost everything on campus so treat it like your phone and make sure you’re never leaving home without it.”

Get to know your neighbors: “Be sure to leave your door open while you’re working in your room to encourage others to stop by and introduce themselves!”

Snell 101: “Get to know the different floors of Snell Library and what they’re used for. You may choose to sit in a different spot depending on if you’re studying individually for an exam or working collaboratively on a group project. Remember that you can book rooms and spaces in advance through the library website as well!”

Students who purchase meal plans will receive Dining Dollars, which can be used to buy food at dining locations on and around campus: “There are so many great food options outside of the dining halls so be sure to use those Dining Dollars! Here is a sampling of stores on or near Huntington where you can get a delicious snack or meal.”

Where to work out: “The Marino Center is great for working out but it can get crowded. Be sure to check out Squashbusters on the other side of the Boston campus for a great alternative place to exercise.”