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In the mood for Asian cuisine? This startup will bring it to you.

Mash Pham, a Northeastern graduate, co-founded MoMo Lunchbox. Photo by Adam Glanzman/Northeastern University

Are you hungry?

Northeastern graduate Mash Pham has launched a startup that delivers Asian cuisine to lunchtime customers who live within three miles of campus.

Pham partnered with local Asian restaurants that cater to customers who enjoy authentic Thai, Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese cuisine.

“We really care about quality,” said Pham, the co-founder of MoMo Lunchbox. “We pick the best restaurants in the area to partner with, so when customers order from us, they know our brand and trust the food quality.”

Customers must place their orders online by 8 p.m. in order to receive their food by noon the next day. Or they can pick up their order at Kung Fu Tea, located on Massachusetts Avenue.

Photo by Adam Glanzman/Northeastern University

MoMo LunchBox sells lunches that range in cost from $8 to $11 and include grilled chicken, short ribs, and sliced pork. The service also offers snacks—including a Hong Kong-style creamy bun and a thousand layer mooncake—as well as drinks from Kung Fu Tea.

“By having a pre-order system, we know the night before exactly how many meals we’ll need to pick up the next day, and the restaurants know how many meals they’ll need to make,” said Pham, who earned his bachelor’s in business administration in 2016 and his master’s in accounting in 2017.

Pham credited social media with helping him create MoMo Lunchbox. He was food blogging and posting photos of Asian dishes on Instagram in 2017 when he started receiving messages from people who wished there were an easier way to order quality Asian food on the go.

“I started thinking about how we could help the Northeastern community,” said Pham, who’s  spent the past eight months meeting with the owners of local Asian restaurants, taste-testing their food, and establishing business partnerships with them.  

MoMo now accepts up to 40 orders per day. The service will close from Aug. 17 to Sept. 11 and reopen to coincide with the beginning of the fall semester.

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