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Our best videos of 2017

What a year it’s been. In 2017, we opened the Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Complex, answered your burning questions, and explored the bounds of new research. Your stories were inspiring, resilient, and entertaining—and we captured it all. Look back at some of this year’s highlights with our video producers’ favorite scenes from 2017. Videos by Benjamin Bertsch and Adam Fischer.

A Martin Luther King Jr. Fellow and former graduate student, Francis tells the story of how King’s leadership guided his own life growing up in Boston’s Roxbury neighborhood.

“It was clear to me that I had to pick a side,” he said. “Was I going to pursue the streets and do as street people do, and try to make a name for myself that way? Or was I going to get off my block and see what else the world had to offer?”

The discipline learned through the study of martial arts, combined with inspiration from King’s tenaciousness empowered Francis to choose the latter—a decision he hopes will serve as encouragement for other young children who find themselves at a similar crossroads.

In the courtroom, law students Alex Jones and Katie Fiallo would be opponents, but in ballroom, they’re the perfect team. Jones, a soon-to-be defense attorney, and Fiallo, an aspiring prosecutor, have taken their motions from the School of Law to the Ballroom Dance Club. As Jones says, in law and in dance, “You have to put your best foot forward, your best face forward, your best case forward, and that is a performance.”

This week’s installment of Why is That? is all that and a bag of chips. Professor Thomas Gilbert tackles the question that has plagued snack connoisseurs forever: Why is there so much air in a bag of chips? Take a look; there’s no hot air here.

To celebrate the launch of the Global Resilience Institute, Northeastern President Joseph E. Aoun examines the question, “What does it mean to be resilient?”

Northeastern officially opened the Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Complex, a facility that U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren called “a true temple of science” and that President Joseph E. Aoun declared “a piece of art” that will allow researchers, students, staff, and the community “to be at their best.”

A group of Northeastern freshmen thought they were participating in a focus group to test a new prototype of the Amazon Echo. But they were in for a surprise thanks to Northeastern University President Joseph E. Aoun.

In October, 1,200 students and thought-leaders coalesced at Northeastern for the 10th annual Clinton Global Initiative University. They brought big ideas on how to change the world for the better, and excitement for the future. Relive it all here.

Northeastern University has a long and proud tradition of supporting veterans, including our students, alumni, faculty and staff. This year, the university announced the naming of the Dolce Center for Veterans and Service members with a generous $1 million gift from the Dolce family.