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Hamilton coming to Northeastern for limited-run performances

Students, faculty, and staff won’t have to travel to Broadway or even to Broadway in Boston to catch a performance of Hamilton; the smash hit is coming to Northeastern this month.

A limited-run production of the hip-hop musical about Alexander Hamilton and the other Founding Fathers will be held in Blackman Auditorium, April 14-16. The six-show schedule will serve as a soft open for the cast’s U.S. tour, which will begin in Boston late next year.

“We’re very excited to be able to host a full production of Hamilton,” said Alexandra Hamill, president of the university’s Center for Historical American Hip-Hop Musicals. “It’s going to be a truly revolutionary moment.”

Given the intense popularity of the show and its limited run on campus, tickets will be distributed based on the results of two contests. The first will test people’s knowledge of Revolutionary War history. A 100-question quiz is available online, and the students, faculty, and staff who score the highest will be given the opportunity to purchase tickets.

“There’s nothing like a little friendly competition and a Tony-winning musical to encourage people to bone up on their history trivia,” said Mark Edmundson, chair of Northeastern’s Department of Founding Fathers Studies.

The second contest is for those who are more musically-inclined. An American Idol-style contest, judged by three current Hamilton cast members and held on campus, will test people’s ability to sing one of the show’s tunes. Those with the highest scores from the judges will also have the opportunity to purchase tickets.

As Lin-Manuel Miranda instructs in the show, ‘don’t throw away your shot;’ catch Hamilton in Blackman this month!

This article is part of Northeastern’s 2017 April Fools’ Day coverage.

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