Favorite spot for a lunch meeting? We asked Northeastern faculty

10/26/16 – BOSTON, MA. – Pavement Coffeehouse, 44 Gainsborough, St. Boston. Photo by: Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University

Looking for some recommendations for lunch locations? We have you covered. We asked a handful of professors to share their go-to lunch spots for holding meetings with students, staff, and their faculty colleagues. We received a variety of answers—with several faculty members thinking alike.

Mansoor Amiji

Distinguished Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
One is Au Bon Pain—it has great salads and is relatively close to 140 The Fenway building, where I have my office. I usually take friends and acquaintances there for a quick lunch or coffee.

Another is Pho & I—I like spicy food and so Pho & I is a great place for lunch meetings. It has a wide variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes for all kinds of taste buds.

Christopher Bosso

Professor, School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs
My favorite place for lunch is the New American Café in the Museum of Fine Arts. It’s not that expensive, and it’s a great place for a leisurely lunch with people.

Sarah Jackson

Assistant professor, Department of Communication Studies
For meeting with faculty: Pho & I, because it’s quiet, the service is fast, and the Panang Curry is delicious.

For student meetings: Pavement on Gainsborough Street, because students know and like it and they always make me an Arnold Palmer on request.

Scott Edmiston

Professor of the practice and chair, Department of Theatre
I like to have lunch meetings in the Theatre Design Lab in Ryder Hall. It’s a small drafting studio with a longish table where we hold production meetings. The walls are corkboard and, during the course of the year, they become filled with visual research and design sketches for upcoming productions. Being surrounded by all those images and emerging artistic impulses provides a creative environment for good ideas…and good digestion.

Auroop Ganguly

Associate professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
My favorite place for a lunch meeting—or even an afternoon snack meeting—is Au Bon Pain, which has the adjoining seating areas on the other side of Huntington across Forsyth. This place is close enough to walk back in time for the next on-campus meeting or class, but just a bit removed to give you the false perception of momentarily getting transported to a place away from the madding crowd.

Daniel Medwed

Professor, School of Law
I love gathering with students and colleagues at Pavement coffeehouse on Gainsborough, where the combination of caffeine, background music, and hip baristas provides the perfect fuel for a productive meeting.

Neal Lerner

Professor, Department of English
A go-to lunch meeting spot for us in Northeastern’s Writing Program is Boloco in the Marino Center. It’s close to our building, there’s a range of choices for all kinds of eaters, it’s not expensive, and there’s always seating for the four or five of us who need to sit together and talk through new ideas or troubleshoot old ones.

For more special occasions, such as celebrations, we go to Thaitation on Jersey Street in the Fenway: relatively inexpensive, very fast service, excellent food, and table service.

Cecelia Musselman

Associate teaching professor, Department of English
For lunch meetings, I like Pavement for the healthy food, plus there being fewer students and the possibility of large tables for spreading out work. I also love the MFA if the meeting is a bit splurgy. The New American Café is professional, comfortable, and free from campus distractions—the cafeteria on the lower level is all of that plus affordable.


Have a favorite lunch spot that you think faculty colleagues should know about? Share it with us at news@northeastern.edu.