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Students excited on first day of fall classes

For some, it’s catching up with old friends. For others, it’s finding their way to class on a brand new campus. But for first-year students and upperclassmen alike, there’s a shared sense of excitement on the first day of classes at Northeastern, as the campus comes alive with activity at the promise of a new academic year. Here’s what some Northeastern students had to say about the big day.

With so many people suddenly on campus, it’s easy to spend some time people-watching, which is exactly what Kyle Higginbottom, left and Latrell Googe, right, both E’17, were doing Wednesday as they waited for their Summer Bridge program reunion to begin. “We’ve been friends since freshman year, since Day 00,” Higginbottom said. The two seniors said they were excited, but a little anxious for their final year. “I don’t think I’m ready to graduate,” Googe said. “We have to be real adults soon.”

Valentina Ferraz, SSH’17, expressed a similar nostalgia. “It’s my last first day of school,” she exclaimed. “It feels like the last year I’ll have to just enjoy everything; after this, life becomes a lot more serious.”

For those like Ferraz and Rachael Kass, BHS’20, the first day brought back familiar faces and scenery. “It’s exciting to be back and fun to see everyone walking around,” Kass said. As a returning student, she added, “It’s weird being asked for directions and actually knowing what to tell people.”

For others, it’s all new. “We still don’t know where all of the halls are,” said Noah Daviero, E’21, far left. New to Northeastern this year, Daviero and his friends (from left to right: Matthew Dottinger, Kiera Henderson, Abbey Unger, and Sal Hughes, all E’21) were still finding their way around on Wednesday. Asked how they were feeling and overwhelmed with the changes, Daviero answered, “We’ll probably know by next Saturday how we feel.”

For some students, especially second-year students who have not yet gone on co-op, returning to classes means shifting out of summer mode, and many students were taking it in stride. “It’s great to be back on campus; I missed Boston,” said New York native Ingrid Castor, AMD’20. “I don’t know that you’re ever really ready for classes to start back up again though,” she added, laughing.

Jimena Barragan, SSH’18, might agree with her. “I’m coming back from co-op at Oxfam this semester, so it’s just a matter of getting used to homework and exams and everything,” she said.

Friends (from left to right) Matt Smith, S’19, Dan Lacey, DMSB’20, and Oliver Price, AMD’19, shared a similar sentiment. “I thought it would take awhile to get back into the swing of things, back into the study routine, but it’s actually been pretty good,” Smith said. Price said it helped having established routines last year as a freshman and simply falling back into them this year. “I’m eager to get going, to get good grades,” he said.

Brenna Harrington, left, and Ariana Noudoushani, right, both S’19, had just returned from their first organic chemistry class Wednesday and, like Price, were feeling optimistic about the semester ahead. “The professor seems really great,” Harrington said. “It’s great seeing everyone back,” Noudoushani added.

And though Wednesday marked the first official day of classes, not everyone has had one yet. Jonas St Fleur, S’17, had the day off but was busy preparing for his classes Thursday and the year ahead. “I just picked up my parking pass,” he said. “I’m feeling excited. It’s going to be a good year.”

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