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Northeastern students and faculty in Paris are safe

In the wake of yesterday’s tragedy, Northeastern University has been working around the clock to ensure the safety and well being of university community members currently in the Paris region for work, study, or personal travel. The university is doing all it can to offer resources and assistance as needed to those abroad, as well as to those on the Boston and regional campuses with personal ties to France.

Northeastern has confirmed that 57 members of the university community—two faculty members and 55 undergraduate students—are currently in Paris and are safe and well. The individuals are in Paris on co-op, study abroad, the international business program, and the NUin program, as well as personal travel.

Friday night, President Joseph E. Aoun shared his heartfelt sentiments with the Northeastern community. Aoun, who spent much of his life in Paris and maintains personal and professional ties to the region, wrote “The Northeastern community will always be united in solidarity with the people of France; their ideals of liberty, equality, and fraternity will never be diminished by acts of unspeakable hatred and violence.”

As a global university of people and programs, Northeastern has extensive ties to locations around the world. There is a significant population of French nationals among the students, faculty, and staff across the university, and Northeastern staff have been in touch with them and offered support.

The university is monitoring the situation very closely in order to provide ongoing assistance and support to members of the university community currently in that region. For further updates, please follow Northeastern on Twitter (@Northeastern) and on Facebook.

If you, or someone you know, needs assistance:

–  If you are in France: Please keep in mind that emergency services may be overwhelmed. The French government requests that all callers inside France contact “197” to report information about the incident. The U.S. Embassy suggests that U.S. citizens who need assistance call +1.888.407.4747 (press 7 when prompted). If you are currently traveling in the region or know someone affiliated with Northeastern who is, you can also contact Khushal Safi from the university: at or the Northeastern University Police Department at any time at +1.617.373.2121 or +1.617.373.3333.

–  If you are in Boston: Students in the Boston area can contact University Health and Counseling Services, located on Forsyth Street, by calling +1.617.373.2772. Student support is also available from the Center for Spirituality, Dialogue, and Service at +1. 617.373.2728 and from the WeCare team in Student Affairs at,, or +1.617.373.4384.

–  If you are planning international holiday travel: Northeastern wants to reassure the university community that NUPD, the university’s travel abroad programs, and WeCare monitor world events and maintain around-the-clock international assistance lines. If you need assistance while abroad please call Aon WorldAware at +1.312.470.3108. You may also contact Khushal Safi at or NUPD at +1.617.373.2121 or +1.617.373.3333 at any time. As a reminder, please register your travel on myNEU under the myTravel link found on the self-services tab.

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