Meet the graduates: Annmarie Uliano

Name: Annmarie Uliano

Major: Industrial engineering

Campus activities: President of the Society of Women Engineers, teaching assistant, worked at Northeastern’s Healthcare Systems Engineering Institute, freshman engineering program peer mentor, Science Club for Girls mentor

What was your most significant learning experience at Northeastern?

I had four different engineering experiential learning opportunities. Two were in research and those helped me decide to pursue a master’s degree that will provide me an opportunity to look closely at novel technologies in a specific area of focus. I don’t think going to a traditional four-year school would have allowed me to have the experiences in academia or industry that Northeastern has.

What were your co-op experiences like?

I’ve always had a passion to work in healthcare or something related to medicine, and industrial engineering is broad enough that you can apply it to literally anything you want. My passion to work in healthcare was only enhanced through my co-op experiences, where I saw many facets of the industry, including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and healthcare systems.

I did a co-op working with medical devices at a company called Tecomet and I got to see how different joint replacements are made. It was really cool to see the amazing technology that is used to help people have a better quality of life.

What inspired you to get involved in so many different campus groups and organizations?

The Society of Women Engineers has been my primary campus activity. I held an officer position every year, attended national conferences, and helped plan various events and activities.

Being involved with SWE has meant a lot. It has given me a connection to some really inspiring and supportive people in the College of Engineering, professional speakers from the Boston area, and SWE members from around the world. Some of my best friends are from SWE. I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to learn from those before me in our organization. I got involved, began leading, and focused on motivating others, like the freshman girls I mentor, to take advantage of the benefits of coming to SWE meetings with an awesome group of girls.

The leadership I gained through different outreach and mentoring experiences in SWE and in the community inspired me to do more. I became a teaching assistant, where I got to aid freshman engineers in their first engineering course, in addition to helping my peers maximize their experience with classroom technology.

What would be your advice for next year’s incoming class?

Take advantage of the co-op program. With all the younger students I talk to I encourage all of them to take advantage of as many co-ops as they can because they are such an invaluable experience.

Northeastern also has really innovative research taking place right at your fingertips. If you find something interesting, your opportunity could come from reaching out to a professor or researcher.

What are your plans after Commencement?

I will be starting my master’s degree program in industrial engineering at Northeastern in the fall. I’m looking forward to being back and continuing to make my mark here.