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Advice for Northeastern’s newest Huskies

We know there’s a lot for first-year students to take in when arriving on campus and starting their first semester. So we asked upperclassmen to offer some tips on settling in and making the most of their Northeastern experience:

“If you have an idea or want to start something, dive right in.” – Laura Marelic, AMD’15, executive director of Scout, Northeastern’s student-run design studio. She posted her advice to new students on Instagram.

“Don’t be a follower, be a leader. Get involved and take a shot. If you see something that interests you, go to the meeting.” – Manny Lubin, AMD’15

“Take advantage of every opportunity because Northeastern has literally everything you could want.” – Ava Cramp, DMSB’16

“Don’t stress out. It seems overwhelming at first but it’s going to be OK. And your feet will get used to all the walking.” – Callum Roberts, SSH’18

“Memorize the campus map. It makes everything a lot easier.” – Joseph Eisner, E’18

“Get to know people like your professors and resident assistants. You can learn a lot from them, and they want to help you.” – Steve Carney, DMSB’16

“Explore Boston. Get on the T and travel around to different parts of the city. When I transferred here last summer I found so many great places, and now I know the T like the back of my hand.” – Drew Harrison, SSH’16

“Join some clubs. When I started here it really helped me meet new people.” – Natalia Ivanova, DMSB’15.

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