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The new face of iNSolution

Photo via Thinkstock.

As some of you die-hard readers might have noticed, iNSolution has gotten a face lift. Not only has the grid-homepage gone the way of the dodo, but there are some other changes, too. Most importantly, we are now fully-integrated with the news@Northeastern.

This means that the title of “die-hard reader” will become more competitive, as the blog will now (hopefully) be seen by a lot more eyeballs. It also means that when you read about a super awesome researcher or project on iNSolution, you’ll be able to learn even more about said researcher or project by clicking the recommended stories in the sidebar navigation on any post.

Otherwise, expect to see the same mind-blowing content you’re used to, only with a slightly altered link: will get you to your iNSolution fix, but all the old links will redirect here as well, so you don’t have to fret if you’ve bookmarked us.

Welcome to the new face of the blog and happy reading!