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Weekly Webcrawl: February 28, 2014


Photo of the week: When I first saw this picture I thought it was a still from a video game, which there seem to be a lot of on the old Flickr. But no, it’s a real, live photograph of the Fjallsárlón glacial lake in Iceland. I tried learning more about this crazy beautiful spectacle but all I know is that the blue of the ice comes from the high concentration of minerals in Icelandic glacial water. I don’t know what gives the ice those beautiful shapes. Does anyone else? Image by Shutter Runner via Flickr.

A meteor crashed into the moon and this video camera watched it happen.

As a Tetris fiend, this is some video game research I am personally overjoyed by.

The California drought is bad. Real bad.

I actually think these simple changes to food labels could make a big difference, at least in my own life.

And finally, some very good advice: