3Qs: Get to know the SGA

Northeastern’s Student Government Association, known as SGA, serves as the voice of the undergraduate student body. As the official liaison between the students and administration, SGA seeks to improve the undergraduate experience by bringing student opinions directly to the administration. We asked SGA President Nick Naraghi, a fourth-year computer science and finance combined major, to break down what SGA does on campus and why students should get involved.

How does the Student Government Association engage with students through its work and mission?

Our organization is primarily composed of senators, who talk to different constituencies around campus on a weekly basis. We also conduct surveys to gather feedback from the undergraduate student population; this way we can put real data behind our initiatives and ensure that student opinions are incorporated in all university decisions. Our team is broken up into five externally facing committees that represent all areas of undergraduate life: academic affairs, student affairs, student involvement, student services, and the finance board. Through the work of these groups, we are able to take on initiatives relating to every part of the Northeastern experience, including the approval of new student organizations and the allocation of the Student Activity Fee. We are given the privilege to represent the entire undergraduate student body, and it’s important to make sure that we’re accomplishing that.

What initiatives has SGA achieved in the past, and what are you working on looking forward?

In the past, SGA has successfully worked to extend the library hours to 24/7 for students, increased the number of points that can be used at Outtakes, and created the Little Things To Know guide for new students to quickly acquaint themselves with Northeastern culture. In addition, we work with the Graduate Student Government each year to administer the Budget Priorities survey, which allows students to have a direct say in how their tuition is spent.

This year we are working with all of the academic colleges to create example course sequences for each major; we’re encouraging students to register to vote and take a stand in the upcoming city of Boston mayoral race; and we’re working with Boston intercollegiate councils to find a way to better represent the student population on a level bigger than Northeastern.

How can students get involved with SGA?

Outside of our regular meetings, which run every Monday at 7 p.m. in room 333 of the Curry Student Center, students can become senators and represent a constituency, such as a student group or academic college. Students are also welcome to sit on one of our committees or boards without being a senator. These committees complete valuable work for the student body, and are always looking for additional student input. Lastly, students can get involved by simply participating in our surveys and voting for the next SGA president in April. SGA can’t operate without student involvement and feedback, and the more participation we receive, the better.