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Weekly Webcrawl: August 9, 2013

Photo via Thinkstock.
Photo via Thinkstock.

Photo via Thinkstock.

A few of my favorite things…in science….this week:

Cells from a woman named Henrietta Lacks have enabled much of the biomedical advancements of the last 60 years, though her family was never recognized for her unintentional contribution. A new agreement with the NIH gives the Lacks family more control over their mother’s genome, continuing the conversation on the ethics of genetics.

This story in New Scientist reminded me of a lecture I attended at the Santa Fe Institute a few years ago, about the link(s) between schizophrenia and autism. Then a friend pointed out this older article, from 2008, that breaks it all down for you.

Whoa, crazy: I went to college with this guy whose video asking whether mathematics really exists showed up on my blog feed the other day.

And here of course, is the synthetic burger everyone’s been talking about. What do you think? Would you eat “schmeat”?