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Weekly Webcrawl: Like I said, back in the saddle

Alright team, it’s been a while since the webcrawl was anything close to weekly. One of my post-marriage resolutions is to return this little feature back to its deserved regularity. And for this first foray back, I have a few great stories to share with you. Enjoy (and happy weekend!)

  1. Dennis Overbye waxes philosophical on questions of time and space. More on this subject in the June 17th issue of New Scientist (preview article only, sadly).
  2. If you’ve enjoyed our stories about Iris Berents’ work (here and here, for example), you’ll find new research from TK, reported this week in The Scientist among other outlets, particularly exciting: Birdsong explains why babies babble.
  3. Remember when Northeastern marine science graduate student Rebecca Certner blogged about Game of Thrones? She’s at it again, this time expounding upon the myths and realities of Star Trek.
  4. Finally, in honor of my exceedingly sedentary vacation, a PLOS Blogs Network post about how “physically active vacations are more re-energizing.”