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Weekly Webcrawl 2.0

I got some feedback that the webcrawl is a little overwhelming in length, so from now on this weekly post will be focused on three or four of my favorite stories from around the web instead of a roundup of the whole sclogosphere.

For this Friday-before-Marathon-Monday, here are my picks, which have nothing to do with running:

  1. Solar planes are cool but they’re not the future of flight
  2. Maria Sibylla Merian: artist whose passion for insects changed science
  3. Painting with chimps
  4. Scientists figure out what you’re seeing while you’re dreaming
  5. The three important takeaways form the “ladies like bigger penises” study
  6. Brain as clear as Jello for scientists to enjoy

(okay, that wasn’t three or four, but six is better than my usual number of around 26, right?!)

Cover image via Wikimedia Commons.