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First Responders and Law Enforcement

First Responders and Law Enforcement
Represented by Edward F. Davis III
Boston Police Commissioner
Doctor of Public Service

In the moments after two bombs exploded near the Boston Marathon finish line, and in the tense, dangerous hours and days that followed, many hundreds of caring and courageous people stepped up: law enforcement officers, medical personnel, public officials, runners and spectators, student volunteers, and countless others.

The bombing and its aftermath took four innocent lives, maimed scores of other victims, and put police officers in mortal peril; one officer was fatally shot and another badly wounded. And the attackers sought to achieve the larger aim of all terrorists: to sow fear and mistrust in society and deny the common humanity that binds us together.

The terrorists failed in that larger, more destructive goal, thanks to the qualities of leadership displayed by the people we honor: extraordinary bravery, faith, selflessness, and determination. They saved lives and soothed spirits in medical tents and in hospitals, devoted long hours of investigative work to identify the suspects, and persisted in putting themselves in harm’s way to apprehend them.

Their fortitude, commitment, and confidence spread across our region, engendering in our city and community a lasting sense of pride, strength, and unity. Ultimately, they showed America and the world what it means to be “Boston Strong.”

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