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  • Young lawyer’s job advice: Swallow your ego

    Boston Business Journal - 07/12/2012

    Beth Myers, an employment lawyer with Boston-based Rodgers, Powers & Schwartz LLP, has accomplished what many young lawyers have found to be a nearly impossible accomplishment in this job market: she secured a full-time job in her chosen practice area.

    These days, so much is written about how dismal the legal job market is, but far fewer stories have surfaced about how newly minted lawyers should go about finding gainful employment at a law firm — rather than Starbucks.

    Myers, a 2009 graduate of Northeastern University School of Law, faced a job market nearly as tough as the one law school graduates are facing today. Before graduation Myers had secured a clerkship with the Massachusetts Superior Court. But after graduation, that job fell through because of budget cuts in the state’s court system.