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  • White House releases recipe in beer brouhaha

    The Boston Globe - 09/01/2012

    After refusing to release its official home-brewed beer recipe for weeks, the Obama administration finally gave in to beer enthusiasts Saturday.

    Northeastern University political science professor Bill Crotty, author of a book on the Obama administration, agreed. He said Obama is targeting the most extreme beer fans with the homebrew as a prop. Wieringa, the Reddit petitioner and homebrewer, said in an e-mail that it was “amazing” Carney even took the time to respond to a request for the recipe.

    “They are using the beer bit as a campaign tool, to get aficionados and the curious to ‘Vote for the Beer Candidate,’ ” said Crotty. “I see it as completely within the context of micro-targeting in the presidential race by the Obama election team.”