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  • What really helps in today’s job market

    The Boston Globe - 08/11/2013

    POSTGRAD EDUCATION is becoming more specific than ever in two ways. First, it’s increasingly specialized and geared toward the needs of industry. “A lot of what’s driving the growth in master’s programs is new fields that are emerging,” says Sean Gallagher, who works in enrollment and student affairs at Northeastern University. He cites areas like game design, social media, regulatory affairs, health care informatics, cybersecurity, and analytics as among those that might not have even existed a decade ago, much less required a master’s degree. Even more traditional programs, like the MBA, are becoming more focused. Schools such as Wharton and MIT’s Sloan School of Management, for example, now offer specialized MBAs or dual degrees in areas like real estate, sports management, biosciences, electronic commerce, and health care.