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  • Were the Seahawks’ and Broncos’ ticket bans legal?

    CNN Money - 01/15/2014

    Other attorneys interviewed by Fortune said the same. “Public accommodation” law, argues Roger Abrams, a law professor at Northeastern University in Boston, might offer one basis for a suit. As he puts it, “public accommodation… refers to a public enterprise that opens its doors to the public but is precluding others from ‘trading,’ that is, spending their money to buy a ticket.”

    A stronger claim, in California, could be based on that state’s Unfair Competition law, which King says is “extremely broad, and one of the most consumer-friendly laws in the nation.” It allows a claim to be brought for any “unlawful or unfair business practice.” It isn’t difficult to imagine a fan arguing that the restricted sale is unfair business. And King says, “it is almost as murky as it sounds; courts have a lot of latitude to go into what’s fair and not.”