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  • To cut or not to cut

    Al Jazeera - 04/21/2014

    Roughly 1.1 million people in Zimbabwe live with HIV. Studies show circumcision could reduce the risk of infection by 60 per cent. Since 2011, Zimbabwean men and infants have been undergoing voluntary non-surgical circumcision. Opponents of circumcision argue the risks don’t outweigh the benefits and claim messaging is giving men a false sense of hope regarding HIV prevention. To cut or not to cut?


    In this episode, we speak to:

    Richard Wamai
    Associate Professor, Northeastern University

    John Geisheker
    Executive Director, Doctors Opposing Circumcision

    Brian Morris
    Professor Emeritus, University of Sydney

    Jessie Majome @jessiefmajome
    Member of Parliament, Zimbabwe