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  • The Largest Entrepreneurship Conference You Have Never Heard Of

    Forbes - 01/22/2014

    The second reason this conference is important is that it attracts entrepreneurs interested in the issues of the region. The Development Dialogue is part of a larger project by the Deshpande Foundation called the Sandbox, which brings together entrepreneurs, philanthropists, investors and others from around the world. Well known Indian American entrepreneurs like Hemang Dave, Palaniswamy Rajan and Hemant Kanakia have all attended, as have leading American universities like Northeastern University,UC Berkeley and the University of Southern California. But the bulk of the entrepreneurs are from Hubli – they are college students trying out ideas, farmers looking to grow their family farms, and committed entrepreneurs participating in a variety of accelerator programs launched by the Foundation. The Dialogue brings them all together annually. Over 10,000 local residents and colleges students now annually take up an entrepreneurship project through these initiatives.