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  • The August 16 ‘MHP’ Syllabus

    MSNBC - 08/19/2014

    All eyes were on Ferguson, Missouri this week after the shooting death of unarmed teen Michael Brown, and the subsequent protests and police agitation. Host Melissa Harris-Perry will be talking to guests on the ground in Ferguson, including a Missouri state senator and msnbc reporter Trymaine Lee. Read his latesthere.

    Our panel in New York will also include Philip Atiba Goff from the Center for Policing Equity, criminal defense attorney Seema Iyer, 20-year NYPD veteran Marquez Claxton, and Amy Farrell, professor at the Northeastern University School of Criminology and Criminal Justice. They will discuss:

    Dream Defenders executive director Phillip Agnew and Slate’s Jamelle Bouie will also join us to explore, in light of Ferguson and other recent events, what it means to be a young black man in America.

    Also, we’ll air an interview we did with comedian and Citizen Radio co-host Jamie Kilstein, in which he reflected on his friendship with the late Robin Williams. Vanderbilt psychiatry professor Jonathan Metzl will also join us for a discussion about Williams’ suicide earlier this week, and the struggle he shared with millions: depression.