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  • The Anti-Wall Street: Would You Give Half Your Profit To Charity?

    Forbes - 06/28/2013

    Many companies talk about employee engagement and have lofty mission statements, but few live them. Meet Bridgeway Capital Management, the anti-Wall Street based in Houston, Tex. For 20 years, they have given 50 percent of their profits to charity, capped partner compensation at seven times the earnings of the lowest-paid employee, and have garnered $2.3 billion in assets through a relentless dedication to customer satisfaction.

    The company considers itself a “generous business,” a company committed to challenging its owners, staff, and families to lead transformative change through the joy of giving. Bridgeway president Mike Mulcahy says, “We’ve created a staff of people we really enjoy, employees with character and passion, who work together for a bigger and more meaningful purpose. And, if entire families get involved, the company becomes a more important and valuable part of each of their lives.”