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  • The 6 Steps For Retaining Good Employees

    Forbes - 07/15/2013

    1)     Communicate, communicate, communicate:  The funny thing about communication is that it’s as much about the words you say, as it is about the tone of your voice combined with eye contact, hand gestures, body positioning, and even touch (that proverbial “pat on the back”.) In a paper by Dr. Edward Wertheim of Northeastern University, College of Business Administration, he found that a large percentage of the meaning we derive from communication (some studies suggest over 90%) is derived from the non-verbal cues the other person gives.  So, if you only meet “virtually” with your team, much of your message and their response to it may be lost. Face time, however scarce, is an immensely important factor in communicating well and establishing trust. If you are managing employees in remote locations, try to meet with them in person on a regular basis – maybe not monthly — but at least 2 to 3 times per year.