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  • School Resource Officers Protect Our Children

    Huffington Post - 01/22/2013

    n the aftermath of the Newtown school massacre, one of the few reforms advocated by both the president and the NRA involves increasing the presence of resource officers in the schools. This also happens to be one of the few recommendations that has a realistic chance of improving the safety of our children — and it has little if anything to do with having a gun toting security guard on board when a rampage killer enters the classroom.

    In fact, a police presence at Columbine High School in April, 1999, didn’t stop two students from shooting down 34 of their schoolmates and teachers, killing 13 of them. In February 2008, having police officers on the campus of Northern Illinois University failed to prevent a former student from opening fire in a lecture hall where he killed five and injured another 19. It took 2 minutes to commit mass murder at Northern Illinois; the police arrived only four minutes too late but it might as well have taken an hour.