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  • Patrick Gives Davis Honorary Degree at Northeastern

    WGBH - 05/03/2013

    The backdrop to the day was TD Garden, where Northeastern University held its commencement. As 20,000 people clapped and roared, Gov. Deval Patrick conferred an honorary degree on Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis for his handling of the marathon bombings investigation.

    “Your extraordinarily united efforts made possible an investigation that moved with astonishing speed and focus, to identify the suspects, enabling millions to to feel of us to feel safer in our daily lives,” Patrick said.

    The Governor also paid tribute to law enforcement and first responders who sprung into action after the marathon bombings.

    “During the traumatic attack on our city and in the hours and days that followed, you ran toward danger, to care for the injured, comfort the bereaved, and keep our citizens safe from further harm, without regard for your personal safety,” he said.

    After the ceremony, Patrick continued to voice praise for law enforcement’s handling of the case.