In the Media

  • The Columbus Day holiday is under attack, and so are statues honoring the famed explorer

    The Washington Post -- 10/09/2017

    “They are two elements of America that have been romanticized and ingrained in our cultures over the years,” said William Fowler, a longtime professor of American history at Northeastern University in Boston. “Over time, the facts may not change but the way we interpret them certainly has.”…

  • Low-profile Bob Weinstein must now save family film business

    Bloomberg -- 10/09/2017

    “It’s right out of Machiavelli’s ‘The Prince,’ ” said Ted Clark, who heads the Center for Family Business at Northeastern University in Boston. ‘‘One of the princes was getting out of control and he had to be dealt with.”…

  • Want your kids to be resilient? Here’s what not to do

    The Washington Post -- 10/09/2017

    Amy Morin knows a lot about resiliency. A licensed clinical social worker, psychotherapist and foster parent, she has devoted her life to helping others resolve problems and conflicts. We spoke with Morin, who is also a lecturer at Northeastern University, to learn how we can ditch bad parenting habits and replace them with beneficial ones that will help our kids grow up to be strong and independent adults. Here are edited excerpts from that conversation.

  • Bill Clinton bringing student leadership event to Boston

    Associated Press -- 10/09/2017

    Former President Bill Clinton is visiting Northeastern University for a student conference that’s meant to inspire future leaders.

  • The surgical glue that can repair an injury in 60 seconds

    Forbes -- 10/08/2017

    “A good surgical sealant needs to have a combination of characteristics: it needs to be elastic, adhesive, non-toxic and biocompatible,” said lead author Nasim Annabi, PhD, of Northeastern University, and lecturer at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the Wyss Institute. “Most sealants on the market possess one or two of these characteristics, but not all of them. We set out to engineer a material that could have all of these properties.”…

  • Las Vegas shooting: What was Stephen Paddock’s motive?

    BBC News -- 10/06/2017

    And according to a 2016 database of mass shootings involving four or more victims, just 15% of mass shooting suspects had a psychotic disorder while 11% had paranoid schizophrenia, Northeastern University criminologist James Alan Fox found.

  • Mike Pence is still cleaning up after President Trump, no paper towels needed

    Newsweek -- 10/06/2017

    Costas Panagopoulos, professor of political science at Northeastern University in Boston, said the high-contrast performances by Trump and Pence reflect “how differently they perceive the political world: Pence is coming at this from someone who’s been in public life for a very long time and has had to hone and refine the optics of his public response, whereas for Trump, he’s done that under very different circumstances.”…

  • Clinton Global Initiative University coming to Northeastern

    Boston Globe -- 10/06/2017

    Bill and Chelsea Clinton will visit Northeastern University next weekend for the 10th annual Clinton Global Initiative University, the Clinton Foundation announced Thursday.

  • Averting collapse after a catastrophe

    Axios -- 10/06/2017

    Ozlem Ergun, professor of mechanical and industrial engineering, Northeastern University, discusses short-term relief and long-term resilience in Puerto Rico.

  • How to fix your credit in 4 easy steps

    Wallet Hub -- 10/05/2017

    Fixing damaged credit is hard work and it takes time and commitment. Because it can be overwhelming, there is a tendency to put your head in the sand and hope it will just go away. It doesn’t. So, get your budget under control, cut up credit cards, and begin to chip away at the debt.

  • Surgical super glue may revolutionize post-op recovery

    Boston Magazine -- 10/05/2017

    When Northeastern University’s Nasim Annabi has a great idea, she sticks with it. Annabi, an assistant professor of chemical engineering at Northeastern, created a powerful, sprayable surgical glue that could someday not only replace unwieldy sutures and staples, but also help damaged organs heal. “This isn’t just a sealant, it actually helps with tissue regeneration,” Annabi told News @ Northeastern.

  • Can a 20 minute test tell employers what a college degree cannot?

    The Chronicle of Higher Education -- 10/05/2017

    To be sure, the degree still matters. Employers pay a premium in salary for people with bachelor’s degrees, says Sean Gallagher, who studies credentials and hiring issues as executive director of Northeastern University’s new Center for the Future of Higher Education and Talent Strategy. But the interest in these tests, he says, is another sign that “people are trying to break the monopoly” higher education has in certifying job candidates.