In the Media

  • On The Table: Farm Bill Politics Depart From Tradition

    NPR Nebraska -- 08/29/2018

    According to Northeastern University public policy professor Christopher Bosso, dozens of programs have been stitched onto the bill over the decades because it may not pass if it were just a crop insurance proposal aimed at farmers in the Midwest.

  • Mel B Is Seeking Treatment Following PTSD Diagnosis

    Self Magazine -- 08/29/2018

    That said, “EMDR is usually done in the context of an ongoing therapeutic relationship,” Nancy Snyder, Ed.D., an associate teaching professor of psychology at Northeastern University, tells SELF. “Psychotherapists trained in EMDR have training in other techniques as well.”…

  • University-customized Alexa devices will answer students’ questions

    Computerworld -- 08/29/2018

    While it is not alone in providing Echo devices to students — Arizona State University and Northeastern University are among those with similar initiatives, albeit on a smaller scale — SLU’s use of Alexa-powered devices can be a differentiator in helping attract more students, said Rob Arnold, industry principal for connected work at Frost & Sullivan.

  • Here’s what we know about Google’s mysterious search engine

    The Washington Post -- 08/29/2018

    If the results differ from person to person, that could be because they may be using a browser in incognito mode, which deletes the cookies and other third-party tracking software. Or they may be searching from a different location, triggering Google’s reflex to return local results. Or they may simply be performing a search slightly later in time than another, said Christo Wilson, a computer science professor at Northeastern University who has studied Google’s search practices for 6 years.

  • The 2008 financial crisis completely changed what majors students choose

    Quartz -- 08/29/2018

    The humanities were humming along prior to 2008, according to an analysis by the Northeastern University historian Benjamin Schmidt. Over the previous decade, disciplines like history, philosophy, English literature, and religion were either growing or holding steady as a share of all college majors. But in the decade after the financial crisis, all of these majors took a nosedive.

  • What Serena Williams’ Catsuit Ban Says About Race And Tradition In Tennis

    WBUR -- 08/29/2018

    Sarah Jackson, professor of communication studies at Northeastern University, weighs in on the controversy surrounding Serena Williams’ catsuit and testing the lines of tennis traditions.

  • Alexa, What’s the Deal With You, Anyway?

    Inside Higher Ed -- 08/24/2018

    The devices are preloaded with an Alexa voice app or skill, called “SLU”, which enables students to easily access information about what’s going on on-campus. Alexa can currently answer around 130 campus-related questions, and more questions and answers will be added at students’ request, said Hakanson. The SLU skill was developed with n-Powered — an ed-tech company spun out of Northeastern University.

  • The Humanities Are in Crisis

    The Atlantic -- 08/24/2018

    Benjamin Schmidt, assistant professor of history at Northeastern University and a core-faculty member in the NULab for Texts, Maps, and Networks, discusses the current trend of students abandoning humanities majors and turning to degrees they think yield far better job prospects. …

  • In the flesh: Some people can give themselves goose bumps, study shows

    USA Today -- 08/24/2018

    Now researchers at Northeastern University in Boston have found that goose bumps – an automatic reaction to being cold, horrified or scared – can be induced by some people like Worthey at will.

  • A Study Of Guns In Boston Shows That Restrictive Laws Drive Up Prices On The Street

    Buzzfeed -- 08/22/2018

    “The gang members were quite knowledgeable about guns — they were gun enthusiasts in a real way,” study lead author David Hureau of the University at Albany, SUNY, told BuzzFeed News. (He carried out the research while a graduate student at Harvard, collaborating with criminologist Anthony Braga of Northeastern University.)…

  • Justice delayed: Why Mickey Rivera went three years without trial before fatal crash that killed new father Kevin Quinn

    Mass Live -- 08/22/2018

    “The consequence is that evidence can go stale. It becomes harder to prosecute these cases because witnesses might disappear or memories might fade,” said Daniel Medwed, a professor at Northeastern University School of Law. “In this instance, it could mean that somebody is a danger, and if they are out on bail other things could happen.”…

  • 3rd-grade reading stats from Jeff Greene, FL Dem candidate for governor, mostly hold up

    PolitiFact -- 08/22/2018

    As noted in the Chicago study, and backed up by the Annie E. Casey Foundation and Georgia governor’s office, students who score below grade level on third grade reading tests are less likely to graduate. Then, there are studies that show high school dropouts are more likely to go to prison. A study from Northeastern University showed that a man with a high school degree had a 1 in 33 chance of incarceration. For a high school dropout, that rate rose to 1 in 10.