In the Media

  • Northeastern U. to equip all students with Amazon Echo Dot

    EdScoop -- 07/03/2018

    Beyond the voices of roommates just a few feet away and fellow classmates down the hall, students at Northeastern University are growing accustomed to hearing the sound of Alexa in their college dormitories.

  • Bulwark Against an Abortion Ban? Medical Advances

    The New York Times -- 07/03/2018

    “We’re in a new world now,” said Aziza Ahmed, a law professor at Northeastern University who writes about reproductive rights law. “The majority of American women are on some form of contraception. We take it for granted that we can control when and how we want to reproduce. We see pregnancy as within the realm that we can control.”…

  • Junot Díaz case may be a #MeToo turning point

    Boston Globe -- 07/03/2018

    So does Sarah J. Jackson, a Northeastern University associate professor of communications who studies hashtag activism online. Though she says every #MeToo story deserves to be heard, she thinks this episode may prove to be a turning point in how they are evaluated.

  • Most likely to prosecute

    Boston Globe -- 07/03/2018

    An MIT-trained political scientist who is now at the Boston Area Research Initiative (“an interuniversity research partnership of Northeastern University and Harvard University in conjunction with the City of Boston”) surveyed MBTA riders and used their CharlieCard numbers to get data for the on-time performance of the trains they had ridden. …

  • Viewpoint: Medical schools need to care about physician burnout — should patients?

    Becker's Hospital Revew -- 07/03/2018

    Here are six insights from the op-ed, written by Timothy Hoff, PhD, professor of management, healthcare systems and health policy at Boston-based Northeastern University.

  • Tucker Battles Professor Who Wants to Abolish ICE: Who Will Arrest Criminal Aliens?

    Fox News -- 07/03/2018

    Carlson asked Professor Hemanth Gundavaram of Northeastern University what an ICE-less America would mean, and who would arrest thousands of criminal illegal immigrants who committed crimes other than crossing the border unlawfully.

  • This algorithm identifies the key ingredients to winning a debate

    Digital Trends -- 07/03/2018

    A team of researchers at Northeastern University have taken on the task of predicting debate “winners” by deconstructing their arguments, hoping to encourage more meaningful meetings. The researchers aren’t focused on style but content — they’re concern isn’t with fancy rhetoric or theatrics but with sound reasoning. It’s an idealized outlook of debates but one they hope will help support the democratic practice.

  • In Upholding Trump’s Travel Ban, the Supreme Court Harms Scientists

    Wired -- 07/03/2018

    Some universities spoke out against the ruling on Tuesday. “Northeastern University and its leaders remain opposed to the travel ban,” the Boston-based university said in a statement on its website, pointing to the letter its president wrote when the first ban was announced. …

  • Could an A.I. Ever Become Sentient?

    Medium -- 06/28/2018

    Author and Northeastern University neuroscience and psychology professor Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett argues in her book How Emotions Are Made: The Secret Life of the Brain that emotion is a learned concept, shaped by the society in which one’s mind develops. When a child is born, it experiences only sensations that result in pleasure or pain. As s/he grows, interaction with others is what forms the actual concepts of emotion and links those concepts to the biochemical sensations.

  • Just How Many Guns Do Americans Actually Own?

    Vice -- 06/28/2018

    The Small Arms Survey count is significantly higher than one produced by the National Firearms Survey, a joint project of Harvard and Northeastern University, which in 2015 estimated that American civilians owned 265 million guns. Its authors calculated that the nation’s firearms stockpile had increased by only about 70 million guns since 1994, the last time a detailed, nationally representative survey was conducted, by researchers Philip Cook and Jens Ludwig. …

  • Prescription Drug Costs Retirees Should Expect to Pay

    U.S. News & World Report -- 06/28/2018

    Prescription drug plans often don’t cover medications that can be purchased without a prescription that some seniors depend on. “Things not included are vitamins and most over-the-counter medications,” says Becky Briesacher, an associate professor of pharmacy and health systems science at Northeastern University in Boston. “My research finds these types of medications may be burdensome to someone with Medicare Part D coverage.”…

  • One Year After NotPetya Cyberattack, Firms Wrestle With Recovery Costs

    Wall Street Journal -- 06/28/2018

    U.S. and U.K. officials earlier this year attributed NotPetya and a related ransomware attack called Petya to Russian actors, indicating that corporations increasingly will be drawn into warfare among nations, said Andrea Matwyshyn, a professor of law and computer science at Northeastern University.