In the Media

  • Do one-third of Floridians own guns?

    PolitiFact -- 02/15/2018

    We ran the survey by a few experts to get their take on its findings. The biggest complaint was that the survey wasn’t large enough to establish state-based numbers with certainty. “The survey is not representative of state ownership,” said Matt Miller, a professor of health sciences and epidemiology at Northeastern University. “The researchers applied the data to the states even though the source of the data cautioned people not to do that.”…

  • Boston Herald’s top bidder notorious for downsizing

    WGBH -- 02/14/2018

    WGBH News media analyst and Northeastern University professor Dan Kennedy said GateHouse Media was pegged as the front-runner to assume control. “It seemed to be teed up for GateHouse media, but Digital First came into the picture pretty late — they did not make a formal bid until last week,” Kennedy said. “The understanding of most people looking at this was that they were going to outbid GateHouse. And in the end, they outbid GateHouse by quite a lot.”…

  • For experiential learning programs to thrive, they must bridge K-12 and higher ed (and the workforce)

    EdSurge -- 02/14/2018

    At Northeastern University last summer, we launched the Network of Experiential Learning Teachers (NeXT), in an effort to harness what we know about experiential learning and broaden its impact across the K-12 and higher education systems. NeXT’s inaugural event convened 75 K-12 educators and administrators from schools and districts representing 35,000 students across North America–with the goal of developing an international incubator in innovative K-12 experiential learning practices, supporting the development and growth of the model at schools and creating a space to advance new models.

  • Even if Trump is as smart as he says he is, does it matter? Maybe not.

    The Washington Post -- 02/14/2018

    President Trump is a self-proclaimed “very stable genius,” who says he’s “like, really smart,” and he has a history of boasting about his high IQ and challenging others to IQ tests. Of course, we don’t know his IQ, at least not yet. But even if he is as smart as he claims, would that make him a better president? Northeastern professor Costas Panagopoulos and Northeastern PhD candidate Kendall Bailey explain.

  • How a defendant’s mental health can affect a trial

    WGBH -- 02/13/2018

    WGBH legal analyst and Northeastern University law professor Daniel Medwed tells Morning Edition that there’s a lot of public confusion about how a defendant’s mental state can affect the way they’re treated by the courts. For one, Medwed said, Sanders has to be determined to be mentally competent in order to stand trial or accept a plea bargain. “The law requires that for a defendant to waive her constitutional right to a jury trial and enter a plea she has to do so knowingly, voluntarily, and intelligently,” said Medwed. “That could be a challenge, given [Sanders’] lengthy history of mental health issues.”…

  • How a defendant’s mental health can affect a trial

    WGBH -- 02/13/2018

    WGBH legal analyst and Northeastern University law professor Daniel Medwed tells Morning Edition that there’s a lot of public confusion about how a defendant’s mental state can affect the way they’re treated by the courts.

  • In soil-dwelling bacteria, scientists find a new weapon to fight drug-resistant superbugs

    Los Angeles Times -- 02/13/2018

    “They’ve used a clever approach to mine for antibiotics,” said microbiologist Kim Lewis, who directs Northeastern University’s Antimicrobial Discovery Center and wasn’t involved in the work. By narrowing their search for the DNA signature of calcium dependence, they were able to find a needle in a haystack — and find a promising compound. “Now we need to say, ‘You guys can do even better,'” Lewis said. To demonstrate that their discovery is more than a one-time event, he said, Brady and his team need to identify and screen for additional DNA signatures that may predict potent antibiotic effects, “and go after them as well.”…

  • Is Amazon’s HQ2 bidding war legal?

    Pacific Standard -- 02/13/2018

    The most ardent opponents believe they have a legal case to get rid of bidding wars altogether, arguing that offering incentives locally violates the Constitution’s commerce clause. “One of the things that has been clear pretty much [since the Constitution’s inception] was that states can’t use regulatory powers to discriminate in favor of in-state economic activity and against out-of-state economic activity,” said Northeastern University law professor and attorney Peter Enrich.

  • As society becomes increasingly cashless, is Massachusetts ready?

    WGBH -- 02/13/2018

    There is no federal statute mandating that businesses must accept currency. But under Massachusetts law, retail establishments have to take cash. This leaves businesses like restaurants wondering if they qualify as a retail establishment, which is defined as any business that sells either a service or tangible personal property. While many would argue a restaurant provides a service, WGBH legal analyst and Northeastern University law professor Daniel Medwed said this definition could use some clarification.

  • Northeastern claims first Beanpot in 30 years, beating BU 5-2

    Associated Press -- 02/13/2018

    It’s been 30 years since the Huskies last claimed Boston’s college hockey bragging rights. And with a 5-2 victory over longtime nemesis Boston University in the 66th Beanpot final on Monday night, they were ready to celebrate.

  • NU’s Adam Gaudette seized upon this golden opportunity

    Boston Globe -- 02/13/2018

    Northeastern junior Adam Gaudette had been strongly considered for the US Olympic team, which would have meant playing in PyeongChang this week. But Gaudette was good with remaining at Northeastern University, lifting the Beanpot trophy instead of having a chance for Olympic hardware.

  • At Northeastern, fans rejoice over first Beanpot win in 30 years

    Boston Globe -- 02/13/2018

    On Monday night, the Northeastern Huskies ended their Beanpot drought, beating the Boston University Terriers 5-2. Outside TD Garden, jubilant fans celebrated the long-awaited victory.