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  • The American Fix

    The Verge -- 09/20/2017

    The ideal approach would involve integrating addiction treatment with basic medical and mental health access. “Is this the optimal model for providing Suboxone treatment? No,” says Leo Beletsky, an associate professor of Law and Health Sciences at Northeastern University. “I believe maintenance therapy is done best, and the research bears this out, when it’s done at their primary care facility. People who have substance abuse disorders often have co-occurring physical and mental health issues.” But given the reality on the ground, he agrees Groups was far better than nothing. “Access to medication-assisted treatment is dismal and artificially suppressed because of stigma. Anyone who is entrepreneurial and able to provide access is, to my mind, doing a public health benefit.”…

  • Boston transportation advocates aren’t so sure about their mayor

    CityLab -- 09/20/2017

    “They do just enough to make it appear like they’re making progress,” said Peter Furth, a transportation advocate and civil engineering professor at Northeastern University. Meanwhile, he said, neither the mayor nor his commissioners have empowered a small cadre of energetic mid-level transportation staffers. “They are passionate and bright. They’re coming up with solutions,” he said. “They need a leader.”…

  • This chatbot could help the elderly make difficult end-of-life decisions

    International Business Times -- 09/20/2017

    A team from the Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, has created a chatbot to help people through their end-of-life decisions. It is set to be trialled with terminally ill patients in the Boston area over the next two years, reports New Scientist. Besides offering spiritual guidance, the tablet-based chatbot helps people who are nearing death, plan funerals and set up their wills, say its makers.

  • Emerging indie artist Sidney Gish is juggling classes and her career

    Boston Globe -- 09/20/2017

    “I’ll spend my whole life training for one performance,” she adds. “I’m going to book a show in 2097 and just wait until then. It will be a very hot-ticket show, though; I’ll be amping it up for a long time.” Gish is joking, but she’s got enough on her plate at the moment to back up her theory that jazz guitar may have to wait a few decades down the line. A third-year music industry major at Northeastern, the New Jersey native self-released her feature-length debut “Ed Buys Houses” on Bandcamp in December, making a strong impression on local tastemakers like Allston Pudding and DigBoston.

  • 5 tips for enterprises to ensure their SMB partners don’t cause a data breach

    Tech Republic -- 09/20/2017

    “There may be cases where SMB partners may be a security weak link if the larger company relies on the SMB partner for some very IT-critical operations,” said Engin Kirda, professor of computer science at Northeastern University. “This being said, most large companies that I have interacted with have a separate and independent IT security department and policies, and do not completely trust third-parties. And that, in my opinion, is a smart thing to do.”…

  • University to offer business administration certificate in Charlotte

    Charlotte Observer -- 09/20/2017

    Northeastern University will offer a graduate certificate in business administration in Charlotte starting in January.

  • Feature: Extreme heat – an “unseen threat” – burns U.S. urban poor

    Reuters -- 09/20/2017

    Sharon Harlan, a professor of health sciences and sociology at Northeastern University in Boston, says she and colleagues have discovered a simple reality: Access to cash can equate with the ability to cool down.

  • Trump’s pick for US Attorney and a look back at Carmen Ortiz’s tenure

    WGBH -- 09/19/2017

    Earlier this month, President Trump nominated Andrew Lelling to become the United States Attorney for the District of Massachusetts. If his nomination is confirmed by Congress, Lelling will oversee a staff of roughly 200 people that handles hundreds of federal criminal cases each year, including many high-profile ones. WGBH’s Morning Edition anchor Joe Mathieu spoke with WGBH News legal analyst and Northeastern University law professor Daniel Medwed about Lelling’s nomination and how history will view former U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz’s tenure.

  • Why many deaf prisoners can’t phone home

    Wired -- 09/19/2017

    “Essentially you end up with deaf inmates who may have been sentenced to 10 or 15 years in prison, but for all practical purposes they’re now sentenced to 10 or 15 years of communicative solitary confinement,” said Dennis Cokely, director of the American Sign Language program at Northeastern University and an expert witness in several lawsuits involving deaf prisoners.

  • Your next worry after the Equifax breach: Fake tax returns

    CNBC -- 09/19/2017

    But experts say consumers should also start thinking ahead to tax season — when criminals could potentially use those stolen Social Security numbers to file fraudulent tax returns and snare refunds. “This is going to be an ongoing problem,” said Tim Gagnon, an associate teaching professor of accounting at Northeastern University’s D’Amore-McKim School of Business.

  • He allegedly murdered 2 black men. Police found an Adolf Hitler speech in his home.

    Vox -- 09/19/2017

    “It could be an act of trespassing or vandalism. It could be a violent crime, like rape or murder,” Jack Levin, an expert on hate crimes at Northeastern University, previously told me. “But when the motive involves targeting someone because of a difference, then it becomes a hate crime.”…

  • Before the next hurricane, get your apps in order

    WCAI -- 09/18/2017

    We all know we should have flashlights and water ready to go. Now, researchers at Northeastern University are advising we add something new to our hurricane readiness list – our cell phones and, yes, social media apps. We talk with Daniel Aldrich, a professor of political science, public policy, and urban affairs. He’s also director of the Security and Resilience Program at Northeastern University.