In the Media

  • This overlooked aspect of opioid recovery has become a focus for health centers

    ThinkProgress -- 04/11/2018

    “In many ways it’s even more important for that work because the response around substance use is primarily legal and not health focused,” said Leo Beletsky, a professor of law and health sciences at Northeastern University, of medical-legal partnerships.

  • Watch: Videos from the 2018 STEM Solutions Workforce of Tomorrow Conference

    U.S. News & World Report -- 04/10/2018

    Northeastern University President Joseph Aoun and Tyra A. Mariani, executive vice president of New America, sit down for a keynote conversation about how education must adapt for the automation age.

  • Army picks Northeastern University for lab site

    Boston Herald -- 04/10/2018

    A highly coveted military research lab — the last of four the Army plans to establish — will call the Bay State home. Northeastern University’s George J. Kostas Research Institute in Burlington has been selected as the final regional hub for the U.S. Army’s Research Laboratory.

  • What’s at stake for Facebook’s Zuckerberg as he testifies for Day 2

    USA Today -- 04/10/2018

    Traditionally, the FTC will settle these type of cases because proving consent decree violations is difficult, says Woodrow Hartzog, professor of law and computer science at Northeastern University. But this situation with Facebook could be different, he says. “We can learn a lot from watching what happens after FTC reaches the conclusion of its investigation.”…

  • U.S. Army expanding research hub in Burlington

    State House News Service -- 04/09/2018

    The U.S. Army plans to increase its research presence in Massachusetts after choosing to partner with Northeastern University as part of nationwide effort to work with academic institutions to advance soldier and battlefield technology capabilities.

  • Great-grandson of lynching victim faces the past: “This is American history”

    CBS News -- 04/09/2018

    “I knew that he was lynched in Georgia,” said Lewis. “I knew that it was a pretty horrific incident and there wasn’t a lot said about the history because folks were frankly afraid to speak to it.” That changed when the Civil Rights and Restorative Justice Project at Boston’s Northeastern University Law School started digging into the case in 2016. Melissa Nobles from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Margaret Burnham from Northeastern run the project.

  • U.S. Army eyes faster weapons development with a new collaboration hub

    Defense One -- 04/09/2018

    Like the others before it, the northeast open campus will have ARL employees housed with partners in the region — in this case, Northeastern University will be the primary one. It’s a way of bringing together “expertise [that] is probably substantially greater than what might be located in our brick and mortar” labs, said Maj. Gen. Cedric Wins, who leads the Army’s Research, Development, and Engineering Command.

  • An ambitious African-science project is getting into its stride

    The Economist -- 04/05/2018

    It also included presentations by a score of African scientists under 42, selected by a forum committee as “Next Einstein Fellows” and willing to act as role models for youngsters. Among them were Yabebal Fanteye, an Ethiopian cosmologist who is now a researcher at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) in Muizenberg, South Africa; Yvonne Mburu, a Kenyan immunologist who founded Med in Africa, a network that connects African doctors and scientists; Jonathan Esole, a Congolese mathematician who studies the geometry of string theory at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts; and Justus Masa, a Ugandan chemist who works on hydrogen fuel cells at Ruhr-University Bochum, in Germany.

  • Regulating technology companies like Facebook will depend on the states

    Quartz -- 04/05/2018

    The privacy rights attached to that kind of data are also difficult to understand and preserve because of the companies that deal in data. Places such as Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Google have designed an internet ecosystem that gives people the illusion that their data are safe and that they are in control of it. But the odds are actually stacked against everyday people, says Northeastern University law professor Woodrow Hartzog, who this month published a book on the topic called Privacy’s Blueprint.

  • Why women are worried about #MeToo

    Vox -- 04/05/2018

    It’s not surprising that women who were supportive of #MeToo were also more likely than average to have certain concerns, said Sarah J. Jackson, a professor of communication studies at Northeastern University who studies racial and gender justice activism. People who support the movement “understand the stakes,” Jackson said.

  • With changing students and times, colleges are going back to school

    The New York Times -- 04/05/2018

    Higher education is facing a new threat in the business of creating and transmitting information. That keeps Joseph E. Aoun, president of Northeastern University in Boston, up at night. While other presidents in local college towns worry about competing for endowments and enrollment, Mr. Aoun sees another threat: robots.

  • With the drug industry as its partner, an addiction policy group invites tough questions

    Stat -- 04/05/2018

    “The practice of funding astroturf patient advocacy organizations is an industry-wide practice,” said Leo Beletsky, a public health and law professor at Northeastern University who focuses on drug policy. “This is no different, and certainly there is a huge business opportunity that Alkermes has happened upon here.”…