In the Media

  • Retail health care lacks the personal connections that patients want and need

    Stat -- 12/04/2017

    Retail thinking is spreading quickly in health care. It promises greater convenience and speed for delivering basic health care services — but it isn’t what patients really want.

  • The hurricane season comes to an end

    Al Jazeera -- 12/04/2017

    Professor Auroop Ganguly from Northeastern University in Boston Massachusetts is an expert in extreme weather and infrastructural resilience. He points out that it is difficult to say with certainty that such weather events are caused by climate change. To make any such claim, he explained, one needs years and years of weather data.

  • 3 secrets to becoming emotionally intelligent

    Time -- 12/02/2017

    Lisa Feldman Barrett is a Professor of Psychology at Northeastern University, with appointments at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Her new book How Emotions Are Made: The Secret Life of the Brain turns everything you know about the feels upside down.

  • Patients call Plymouth addiction center a mere jail

    Boston Globe -- 12/02/2017

    “Theoretically, it should be just like a hospital. You go in, you’re given the full spectrum of care,” said Leo Beletsky, a Northeastern University law and health sciences professor. “Instead, it’s just like a warehouse.”…

  • Domestic violence not confirmed as a consistent predictor of mass shootings

    PolitiFact -- 12/02/2017

    Around the same time, though, criminologist James Alan Fox, a Northeastern University professor, found more domestic violence links to the shootings catalogued by the group. Fox said in a USA Today commentary published after Rodriguez sent out his email blast that of Everytown’s 85 listed shootings in which a person shot a family member, 41 percent were preceded by other acts of domestic violence. More broadly, Fox wrote, 25 percent of all the men listed as committing mass shootings showed “any indication of prior domestic violence.”…

  • My black lesbian body is a target for police brutality, too

    The Huffington Post -- 12/02/2017

    Northeastern University conducted a panel to discuss the topic further titled, “Invisible No More: Black Women and Police Violence,” that looked at criminalization – of African American women and women of color, like Two -Spirit, Latin, Asian, Arab, and Middle Eastern women, to name a few – and police violence that sometimes resulted with deadly consequences.

  • Safarani Sisters open new art exhibition on Newbury Street

    Boston Globe -- 12/01/2017

    Bahareh and Farzaneh Safarani, identical twin sisters from Tehran who last year graduated from Northeastern University with MFAs in studio art, presented the opening of their exhibition “SANCTUARY” on Tuesday.

  • Boston Globe print circulation plunged during summer print debacle

    Boston Business Journal -- 12/01/2017

    “These are pretty significant drops in print circulation,” said Dan Kennedy, associate professor of journalism at Northeastern University, via email after the Business Journal shared the most recent circulation numbers with him. He said that as of last winter, it appeared that the Globe had overcome the delivery problems it saw the previous winter, when it switched to a new delivery vendor. But, Kennedy said, the new problems this past summer — where equipment malfunctions at the new facilities led to frequent late or missing deliveries from mid-June for the next several months — “may have convinced some of their customers that it was time to walk away.”…

  • MacOS update accidentally undoes Apple’s “root” bug patch

    Wired -- 12/01/2017

    Mac administrator Chris Franson, a technical director at Northeastern University, tells WIRED that he repeated that sequence of events and found that the “root” bug persisted, too.

  • Why the UN is investigating extreme poverty…in America, the world’s richest nation

    The Guardian -- 12/01/2017

    Martha Davis, a law professor specializing in US human rights at Northeastern University, said that such vast regional variations present the UN monitor with a huge opportunity. Unlike other international officials, he has the ability to move freely at both federal and state levels – and be equally critical of both.

  • For 49ers’ Solomon Thomas, 10 Books A Home’s cause hits close to home

    ESPN -- 11/30/2017

    A 2009 study by Northeastern University found that high school dropouts were 63 times more likely to be incarcerated in their lifetime than college graduates. The National Adult Literacy Survey determined that 70 percent of incarcerated adults cannot read at a fourth-grade level.

  • Active teens rewarded with gowns

    Boston Herald -- 11/30/2017

    Enter Rachel Rodgers, an associate professor of applied psychology at Northeastern University, who told the girls gathered at the club yesterday that although 67 percent of women in the U.S. are plus sizes, only 2 percent of those portrayed in the media are.