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  • Nursing Schools Reinventing Recruitment

    University Business - 01/16/2013

    Or connect with local resources. Bouve College of Health Sciences at Northeastern University in Boston is among six local nursing schools that participate in the Northeast Region VA Nursing Alliance (NERVANA), developed by two nearby hospitals. It hopes to increase recruitment and retention of nurses and clinical faculty and encourage practicing nurses to advance their education.

    “I’ve created collaborative programs my whole career that were shared between two to three universities,” says Carole Kenner, nursing school dean at Bouve. “The key is collaboration these days and being innovative on how you work together. We cannot afford to be in competition.”

    The school currently has vacancies in one clinical and two tenure track positions. As part of a universitywide marketing campaign implemented five years ago, the nursing school began promoting its own benefits last year. Its messaging focused on how the school is beefing up its research, has added four tenure track positions, is surrounded by premier hospitals and big name schools, and that because of its in-house structure, faculty can easily work across disciplines.

    Regardless of geography, Kenner says nursing schools can actively promote their strengths. As for collaborating with other schools or health care facilities, she adds, “That’s where the added-value comes in.”