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  • Not all mass shootings are equal in the eyes of the media or the public

    The Washington Post - 09/18/2013

    He was also African American, and this apparently matters, says eminent criminologist James Alan Fox. “It’s not nice to say it, but white America tends to be more intrigued about the minds and motives of white murderers,” said Fox, who is a professor at Northeastern University. “There have been black [mass shooters], but it’s hard to remember who they are. The D.C. sniper is an exception.”

    Fox, who has been studying mass murder since the early 1980s, sees a dismaying jadedness in our national response to such spectacular acts of inhumanity. Even as overall gun violence has fallen precipitously, what shakes the national scales has graduated, higher and higher, he says. “When four people were killed [in a shooting], it was always covered” nationally, he said. “Of course now, four people doesn’t get covered. It doesn’t rate.”