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  • Northeastern’s Nahant facilities receive facelift

    The Daily Item - 09/14/2013

    Geoff Trussell had just hired six new faculty, and the 50-year-old facilities at Northeastern’s Marine Science Center just weren’t going to cut it.

    So the university built its Nahant campus some brand new ones. Over the last year, walls have been knocked down and built up to turn obsolete and rundown classroom space into laboratories and offices with the latest equipment and amenities, as well as new wiring and plumbing, to support the new hires.

    “This wasn’t cheap — and it wasn’t easy either,” Trussell said with a laugh. He said he wants his new faculty and future hires, of which he’s planning about 14 more, to be able to say, “This is what you gave me? Yes! I love it here!”

    The new facility and staff changes will support the university’s academic ones. This semester marks the debut of the new doctorate program in ecology, evolution and marine biology, and the anniversary of the Department of Marine and Environmental Science.