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  • Northeastern students meet Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela’s former cellmate in South Africa - 07/19/2013

    A class of Northeastern University students traveling in South Africa met with Nobel Prize winner Desmond Tutu and a former cellmate of Nelson Mandela this week.

    The students said in a Skype interview today that both discussions centered on the anti-apartheid movement and Mandela’s legacy. Mandela, the former president of South Africa and leader of the anti-apartheid revolution, has been in the news most recently because of his rapidly deteriorating health.

    The students said that Ahmed Kathrada, Mandela’s cellmate for 26 years, was clearly devoted to Mandela.

    Kelly Ward, a Northeastern international affairs major, said that when one student asked him who else could have served as the leader of the anti-apartheid movement, he answered that “there would not have been another.”

    “He didn’t even entertain the question,” Ward said.