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  • In A Time Of Big Transitions, The Smallest Moments Pull Us Through

    WBUR - 04/12/2013

    Laurie Edwards: Watching so much slip away from my parents made my time with my daughter that much more sacrosanct. It also made nurturing her relationship with her grandparents that much more important. (deflam/Flickr)

    I never expected to be initiated into the “sandwich generation” of care-giving at age 30, but my daughter’s birth two years ago coincided with a cascade of medical crises for my family. As I hurtled into motherhood, the boundaries of being an adult child shifted, too. My parents needed more, and I had a tiny newborn who needed — and deserved — everything.

    I took one of those Mommy and Me classes, where bleary-eyed new mothers commiserate over feeding woes and sleep deprivation, and nod encouragingly to each other over the little victories: getting ourselves out the door, nursing in public for the first time and cooking meals.