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  • How The Law School Where I’m An Associate Dean Justifies Its Existence

    Business Insider - 06/10/2013

    There’s been a lot of public and private handwringing within the legal establishment in recent years.

    There’s anxiety — and outrage — over the spiraling cost of legal education and the diminishing opportunities and salaries for recent law school grads.

    And there’s no small dissatisfaction with the ability of those grads to actually practice the law.

    Couple that with the downsizing of major law firms and the outsourcing of much of the grunt work of the legal profession to machines and foreign labor, and you have a true crisis of faith.

    But the challenges facing us are no different from those facing many other contemporary industries. Email and other electronic communications are killing the post office. Amazon has changed how we shop for just about everything, with ominous implications for mom and pop stores and big box retailers alike.