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  • For 22 Years, Caught in a Murder Case’s Tangled Web

    The New York Times - 12/01/2013

    “Release” meant dispose of. Records shed no light on the reasons. A handwritten notation in the Legal Aid Society file said that a high-ranking representative of the Police Department told lawyers that someone had issued an order to destroy the evidence in 1993. It is unclear who made the order before the case was even appealed. The order itself has not been found.

    “We were convinced this was a fishy case,” said Daniel S. Medwed, a Northeastern University professor who was also involved. “We just didn’t have a legal hook.”

    Mr. Bunn was turned down for parole three times and was released in 2006. However, he failed to report in properly, violating his parole, and was sent back upstate for a year. He was released a second time in 2009.