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  • Era ends, new chapter set for Washington Post

    AFP - 09/29/2013

    ‘In for the right reasons’

    Dan Kennedy, a professor of journalism at Northeastern University who is writing a book on changes in the newspaper industry, said he is encouraged that Bezos is taking the risk.

    “He seems to be in for the right reasons,” Kennedy said.

    “He sees it as a civic trust, and wants to run it as a good newspaper, and maybe even expand it,” noting that that Bezos “is really our leading digital visionary when it comes to the consumer economy.”

    “I’m totally optimistic that he has put himself in a position to do something about this terrible calamity that has affected paid journalism,” Kennedy added, noting the lasting lore of Watergate in American journalism.

    “So many people in my generation went into journalism because of ‘All The President’s Men,'” he said, referring to the book and film about the Post’s role in the Watergate scandal.

    “Everybody wanted to be Woodward and Bernstein. People thought (actor) Jason Robards was the Post’s editor.”