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  • Charitable giving by Americans bounces back

    MarketWatch - 07/23/2014

    One last point: in my recent Next Avenue blog post about the Giving With Purpose MOOC I enrolled in — offered by Northeastern University and the Giving With Purpose Foundation — I mentioned that it would give $150,000 in grants to nonprofits that passed muster with the students. The 30 winning nonprofits have just been announced.

    The winners tend to cluster in a few broad categories (housing and homelessness; youth, children, and education; and hunger and food security) and range in size from St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance in Arizona to the New York Public Library.

    “I love the list of grantees because it reflects how deeply woven nonprofit organizations are into the fabric of our communities,” said Rebecca Riccio, the Northeastern professor who taught the course. “They’re not just addressing the needs of our most vulnerable members, although that’s a critical function. They shape who we are and who we can become as a society by putting our best impulses as human beings into action.”

    That, after all, is the purpose of giving.