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  • Can Bay State robots solve the Malaysian mystery?

    The Boston Globe - 03/25/2014

    Can a fleet of undersea robots designed in Massachusetts help solve the mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370?

    They’ve done this kind of thing before. In 2011, robot subs from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution tracked down the remains of an Air France plane that had crashed into the Atlantic Ocean two years earlier.

    Now, the Navy is sending a robot built by Bluefin Robotics Inc. in Quincy to Australia, in the latest effort to track the Malaysian jet.

    The undersea salvage company Phoenix International will operate the robot, according to a report from the US Naval Institute’s USNI News website.

    On Monday, British investigators concluded Flight 370 had crashed somewhere in the southern Indian Ocean. That narrows the search area, but not nearly enough. One specialist said the searchers would have to be within 100 miles of the wreckage to have a reasonable chance of success.