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  • Business panel: Is education meeting our new economy needs?

    Patriot Ledger - 07/19/2014

    Joseph M. Giglio

    Professor of strategic management, Northeastern University

    “America is stuck in the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Unemployment remains stubbornly high. Yet we are told that there are an estimated 3 million jobs available such as electricians, manufacturing workers, mechanics, machine operators, software developers, engineers, nurses, truck drivers, etc. We are told that these jobs are vacant because too many Americans don’t have the skills for such positions.

    One suggestion to help solve the shortage of workers with technical skills that business claims to need, is to outsource the training of workers to the military. The armed forces have infused technology into nearly every aspect of their operations. They have the resources and capabilities to train people who would be paid as government employees to bring employment back to pre-recession levels and prepare workers for 21st century private sector jobs.”