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  • BPR: Charlie Baker, Candidate for Mayor John Connolly, the First Girl to Win a State Wrestling Title

    WGBH Boston Public Radio - 02/26/2013

    Much hangs in the balance in Red Sox Nation. Roger Abrams, former Major League Baseball salary arbitrator and current Northeastern Law Professor, joined us on the line from spring training in Florida.

    What do you think of women competing in traditionally “male” sports?

    North Andover High School student Danielle Coughlin made national headlines when she became the first girl to win a state title in wrestling last week. Jim and Margery spoke with Coughlin and her coach, Carl Cincotta, before turning to two sports experts: Dan Lebowitz, the director of Sport in Society at Northeastern University, and Shira Springer, the sports enterprise and investigative reporter for The Boston Globe.